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Thursdays July 10 thru August 14

2014 Summer Concert Series

2014 Summer Concerts in the Courtyard Announced!

July 12th to August 17th

Culver City Public Theatre presents its 16th season of free theatre in Carlson Park for families and theatre fans of all ages.

Every Wednesday in July

Provides Free Storytelling Performances Every Wednesday from July 2nd – July 30th.

Veterans Memorial Building

This newly renovated, mid-century modern facility is the centerpiece of Veterans Memorial Complex. The venue, which has served the Culver City and westside community since 1950, regularly accommodates cultural activities such as rehearsals, workshops, performances and receptions.

Architecture as Art

Can architecture be considered art? Culver City leaders believe it can.

Keep the Arts Alive!

The Culver City Cultural Affairs Foundation is a nonprofit organization which promotes and supports historic preservation, public art, and cultural programming in Culver City.

Culver City Cultural City