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Geographic Information System

"Implement an enterprise GIS solution that strategically supports all geo-data needs of the City. Equip City employees with online analytical tools that aid in the proactive decision making process. Provide Culver City residents with quick and easy access to geo-based information."

Contact the GIS Program:
Tel: 310-253-5976
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Property Information Search 2.0
Provides easy access to property information in Culver City such as parcels, buildings, streets, parks, businesses, and aerial photography spanning from 1999 to 2011.  Generate maps and detailed reports showing zoning, land use, residential trash pickup, and more.  Integrates with Google Street View.
Click here for instructions on how to use the application.  

Sewer Infrastructure Management System (SIMS)
View structural wastewater features (such as pump stations, manholes, and underground pipes) with corresponding descriptive information, and scanned Engineering drawings. 

Public Art
Provides locations, descriptions, and pictures of public art in Culver City.

Environmental Map
Find recycling locations, battery drop off sites, and outdoor recreation in Culver City.

Any download or resale of this information is prohibited.


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