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Refuse Services

(310) 253-6400

Provides efficient and effective removal of municipal solid waste from the residential, commercial and industrial areas of the City.


Sanitation Rate Sheet



Residential Services

Containers and Bin Rentals
The City provides containers for residential waste (black), green waste (green), and recyclables (blue). If you have a large amount of rubbish to dispose of, you may rent a large commercial bin. Depending on the amount of material, the Sanitation Division can supply, and will deliver, 2 cubic yard or 3 cubic yard bins or a 40 cubic yard roll-off for refuse only. Special 8 cubic yard containers are available for dirt, concrete or asphalt collection. Residents must place the bin near the curb for service. If the bin is to be located on the public street, a Street Use Permit is required from the Engineering Division.

To find out what your trash collection day is to have a large item removed or to order a large bin, please call the Sanitation Division at (310) 253-6400.

"On Call" Bulky-Item Pickups Commence
 Residential customers who have been issued curbside automated containers (black, green, and blue) will receive two free bulky item pick-ups per calendar year. Previously, bulky item collections took place as two scheduled events during the year. Residents can now call the Sanitation Division at 310-253-6400, to schedule a pickup year round, providing convenience for residents while being more cost effective for the City's Sanitation Division.

When a resident has received two free pickups, any additional bulk item pick-up requests will be charged the City's regular pick up fees.

Bulky item pick-ups are performed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays and require scheduling one week prior to the pickup. Three cubic yards of items are allowed per pickup. Recyclable items will be sent to a recycling facility for processing. Non-recyclable items are sent to a landfill. The Sanitation Division encourages residents to salvage the items before disposing of them. No hazardous materials will be accepted. Contact 1-800-CLEANLA to dispose of hazardous materials.

Residential Service Refuse is picked up from your home once a week. The only days your trash will not be picked-up on its scheduled day are Christmas and New Years Day. You will receive alternate pick-up date information if your pick-up day falls on one of these holidays. Click here to view the Residential Refuse Collection map. (pdf) 

To obtain more information or to schedule a bulky item pickup, call the Sanitation Customer Service Department at (310) 253-6400.

Bulky Item Pickup (pdf)

Hazardous Materials Disposal
The City of Culver City works with the County of Los Angeles to properly dispose household hazardous materials. For more information on what qualifies as a household hazardous material and where you may bring them, contact The Los Angeles County Sanitation Department at (888) CLEAN-LA. The UCLA Household Hazardous Waste Facility and the City of Los Angeles SAFE Collection Center may be used by any individual regardless of city of residence. Call 1-800-98-TOXIC for more information. Business waste, however, will not be accepted.

Click here to view used motor oil and filter drop of sites (pdf)

Commercial Services

The Sanitation Division supplies commercial customers with a 2 or 3 cubic yard refuse bin. Pickup service is available up to 6 days per week - Monday through Saturday. The City's Sanitation Division has exclusive rights to service all of Culver City.

Special Services Available at Additional Charge

  • Temporary Bin - An extra bin for a short time.
  • On-Call Service - Customers can request trash pick-up as needed.
  • Extra Pick-up - You can order an extra pick-up if scheduled service is inadequate.
  • Bin Pullout - A bin must be pulled onto the street if access is more than 25 feet away from service or the bin is located in an underground garage.
  • Locks - Locking bins are provided upon request for a small additional fee.
  • To inquire more information on Culver City's Commercial Services, please call the Culver City Sanitation Division at (310) 253-6400. Business hours are from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm.