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The Definitive Culver City Dining Guide

Post Date:04/05/2016 2:04 PM

Picture of various food items from Samosa House EastFrom boom, to bust, to boom again, Culver City continues to grow as one of LA’s great dining districts, and while Downtown gets all the hype, there are plenty of phenomenal options to be found in the surrounding parts of town. From old-school tacos to new-school... well, tacos, here are the 14 finest places to gorge yourself in Culver City.

Best burger: Father's Office
3229 Helms Ave
The only argument against this dry aged beef patty, topped with blue cheese, arugula, and onion jam (with no substitutions) is that it's actually closer to a sandwich than a burger. In which case, it's the best burger and the best sandwich in Culver City.

Best fancy restaurant: Lukshon
3239 Helms Ave
The dude who invented the Father's Office burger is no one trick pony, and all the proof you need is next door at this modern Asian restaurant. Get the dan dan noodles, spicy chicken wing pops, and black rice with Chinese sausage, and you'll leave pretty damn happy.

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