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Cannabis in Culver City

Latest Updates (1/10/18)

Please note: The City of Culver City has not yet released an application for cannabis business permits. The City is not accepting any applications or requests for cannabis business permits at this time. It is expected that applications will be released during the first quarter of 2018. Please click/tap the Subscribe button below to sign-up to receive an e-mail notification when applications are available, as well as other updates.

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On January 22, 2018, at 7:00 p.m., the Culver City Council will hold a public hearing to introduce a cannabis public health ordinance.

Cannabis Business Regulations

The Culver City Council approved cannabis business regulations on December 11, 2017. Culver City previously did not permit any type of cannabis business in the City (medicinal or recreational).

All cannabis businesses in Culver City are required to obtain a City cannabis business permit in order to legally operate. Applications for cannabis business permits are not yet available. Before applications can be released, the application process must first be approved by City Council. It is expected that the City will finalize its regulations, including the application process, during the first quarter of 2018.

The following business types are allowed (both medicinal and adult-use) with a City permit:

  • Storefront Retail
  • Delivery Only Retail (“Home Delivery”)
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Indoor commercial cultivation

The following business types are prohibited:

  • Commercial outdoor cultivation
  • Commercial mixed-light cultivation

Businesses are allowed to apply for and receive permits in multiple business categories (eg manufacturer/distributer), as long as they meet all the requirements of each category and are located in the appropriate zone.

The City will issue a limited number of permits in each category. The maximum number of permits issued will be determined by the City Council. The City Council has previously indicated it plans to set maximum limits as follows: storefront retail (3), delivery-only retail (5, inclusive of any storefront retailers that also provide delivery); manufacturing (6); distribution (6); cultivation (indoors) (3); and testing laboratories (4).

The City will award storefront retail cannabis business permits through a competitive, multi-phased, merit-based process, with the City Council ultimately approving the awarding of the permit. A conditional use permit will also be required for storefront retail cannabis businesses.

Cannabis Business Permit Application Information

Cannabis business permit application information will be posted here when available.

Eligible Location Information

Cannabis businesses operating with a city cannabis business permit are allowed within the following Culver City zones:

Cannabis Business Type

Permitted Zones

Dispensary, retail-storefront, and ancillary delivery service

Commercial Neighborhood

Commercial General

Commercial Community

Commercial Downtown

Commercial Regional Retail

Commercial Regional Business Park



Retail-delivery only



Commercial Regional

Business Park








Commercial Regional

Business Park

Laboratory testing



Commercial Regional

Business Park


The Culver City Zoning Map shows the location of the various zones.

In addition to being located in the appropriate zone, storefront retail cannabis businesses must be located at least 600 feet from sensitive receptors, including K-12 schools, day care centers, youth centers, parks, and playgrounds. All other types of cannabis businesses besides storefront retail have no distancing requirements, as long as they are located in the appropriate zone.

Sensitive receptors are defined in the California Health & Safety Code:

  • Day Care Centers (defined in California Health & Safety Code Section 1596.76)
    • Youth Centers (defined in California Health & Safety Code Section 11353.1)

      Locations that may meet the zoning and 600 foot distancing requirements for retail storefront cannabis businesses are shown in green and blue on this map.

      Important Notice: The green and blue parcels shown on the map may be eligible for cannabis retail storefronts. The red parcels may be ineligible. Although the City strives to provide the best information it can, this map is provided for informational and preliminary planning purposes only. The City makes no claims, representations, or warranties (expressed or implied) concerning the validity, reliability, or accuracy of information depicted on this map. The City cannot guarantee the currency of information contained in this map, and decisions regarding the purchase or lease of real property for the purpose of operating a cannabis business should not be based upon information depicted on this map or the data displayed. The City will not approve applications or permits based solely on the GIS data displayed in this map or any subset thereof. Actual field conditions will determine whether or not a cannabis business is located in conformance with applicable laws. All information and data on this map is subject to change without notice.

      Additional sensitive receptors may have been identified subsequent to the publishing of this map. Please send any information on additional sensitive receptors that may not be reflected on the map to .

      More detailed information about location requirements is contained in the Culver City Cannabis Zoning Ordinance and Commercial Cannabis Regulation and Safety Ordinance.

      Operating Requirements

      Operating requirements for cannabis businesses can be found in the Commercial Cannabis Regulation and Safety Ordinance, approved by City Council on December 11, 2018.

      Personal Cultivation

      State law permits the indoor personal cultivation of up to six cannabis plants per residence. The Culver City Municipal Code further regulates personal cultivation of cannabis.

      Highlights of Culver City’s personal cultivation regulations:

      • Personal cultivation must take place within a residence, or within a fully enclosed and secured structure. This goes a step further than the State law by requiring that plants not simply be behind a locked gate, but in an enclosed structure in the back yard (e.g. a greenhouse), in order to address both odor and security concerns.

      • The owner of the property must consent (i.e. renters must get the owner’s permission).

      • Lighting must remain below 1200 watts, for the purposes of safety.

      • Gas products cannot be used, for the purposes of safety.

      • Personal cultivation cannot occur in a home’s kitchen, bathroom, or primary bedrooms.

      • Any adverse impacts must be mitigated so that it does not become a public nuisance (e.g. odor).

      Special Cannabis Tax

      At its meeting on Monday, November 13, 2017, the Culver City Council approved a resolution placing a tax measure on the April 10, 2018 municipal election ballot, asking voters to consider approval of a cannabis excise tax.  The initial and maximum rates to be considered by voters will be:

      • Retail (medicinal): range of 5 -8% with an initial rate of 5%
      • Retail (adult-use): range of 6-10% with an initial rate of 6%
      • Manufacturing: range of 4-6% with an initial rate of 4%
      • Distribution: range of 2-6% with an initial rate of 2%
      • Testing: 1-1.5% with an initial rate of 1%
      • Cultivation: $12 per square foot of canopy

      The initial rates would be in place for two years, after which they would be able to be adjusted by City Council resolution. Cultivation rates would be adjusted according to the consumer price index after a two year initial period.


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