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About Animal Care & Control

Pet Licensing
The City of Culver City requires that all dogs have current licenses, rabies vaccinations, be spayed/neutered and microchipped. To apply for a new license or to renew your current license, please click here. You may also contact 1-888-615-4350 for further information.

Field Operations


Animal control (field) services are provided through the Culver City Police Department’s Animal Services Officer or the County of Los Angeles when the City’s ASO is off duty.

The Animal Services Officer is responsible for field operations. Field operations enforce all state, county, and municipal laws regarding the care and control of domestic animals. The field services provided by Animal Services Officers are the following:
  • Patrol the city on a daily basis
  • Enforce all animal control laws and investigate all reports of animal abuse
  • Pick up stray animals
  • Respond to animal-related emergencies
  • Transport injured or sick stray animals to receive emergency vet care (day or night)
  • Follow-up on citizen complaints
  • File bite reports and quarantine suspect animals
  • Inspect and permit animal-related facilities
  • Rescue animals in distress

Shelter Operations


The City of Culver City contracts its animal sheltering services through spcaLA. Shelter services are provided by at their Hawthorne facility.  Shelter operations provides the following services:
  • Provide food, water, shelter, medical care and basic health screening for all shelter animals
  • Vaccinate domestic shelter animals against diseases
  • Provide lost and found pet services
  • Provide adoption services
  • Provide information and education on pet owner/guardian responsibility and care
  • Impound stray dogs, cats and other animals
  • Impound dangerous or vicious dogs

Dead Birds and West Nile Virus
The Los Angeles County Public Health Department has established a toll free line that will provide callers with updated information on the West Nile Virus within the County. The Information Line is: 1-800-975-4448. Also, if a recently dead bird (dead less than 24 hours) is found, the public is encouraged to report this by calling 1-877-747-2243. Additional information can be found by clicking on: