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City Manager's Office

Chamber of Commerce Mayor's Luncheon

Jim and JohnOn April 18, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce hosted a sold-out City's 37th Annual Mayor's Luncheon honoring outgoing Mayor Jim B. Clarke at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. In lieu of a standard, formal presentation for the "State of the City" address, Culver City Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Paul Goldstein served as moderator of a "Culver City Conversation" between Mayor Clarke and Kathy Paspalis, Senior Member of the Culver City Board of Education. During the conversation, Mayor Clarke reflected on the City's history as "The Heart of Screenland" and its evolution into a hub of technological innovation, the City's and Culver City Unified School District's shared goals, and some of the challenges the City faces.

During the luncheon, Mayor Clarke also presented the inaugural "Culver City Citizen of the Year” Award and Commendation to John Riordan (at right).  The Culver City Citizen of the Year award will likely become an annual honor given to an individual who: has lived and/or worked in Culver City for at least 20 years; has contributed significant charitable, humanitarian, educational or financial support to other individuals or non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life in Culver City; and has not performed these contributions as an elected or appointed official, or as a candidate for public office.  The Culver City Mayor’s Luncheon is held annually each Spring.

Mayor Jim B. Clarke on Westside Urban Forum Panel

On April 21, The Westside Urban Forum's signature event, the annual Westside Mayors’ Panel, welcomed Westside mayors Jim B. Clarke, City of Culver City; Mayor Lou La Monte, City of Malibu; Mayor Ted Winterer, City of Santa Monica; and Mayor Lauren Meister, City of West Hollywood for a candid discussion of each mayor’s priorities, topics of importance to their cities and common issues that they face.  Amid excitement over the region’s economic vibrancy and new developments and challenges like housing, the Westside stands at a crucial juncture.

The Mayors shared their thoughts on the economic outlook for each of their cities, the impacts of the federal government on local cities, region-wide housing challenges, and ways cities are planning for current and future transportation changes (Expo, Culver City's Transit Oriented Development Project, and autonomous vehicles), among many other topics of interest across the Westside. Vice Mayor Jeffrey Cooper and Council Member Thomas Small participated in the event and are pictured below with Mayor Meister and Mayor La Monte.

 Mayor's Panel

 Council Group photo

Community Development

bikeshop2Culver City Transit Oriented District (TOD) Visioning Study

The City will host workshops on Visioning in the Transit Oriented District (TOD).  Several workshops are designed to allow Culver City residents and business owners to share their concerns, issues, and ideas for improving mobility in the vicinity of the TOD with City consultant, Johnson Fain.  The study’s ultimate objectives are to propose projects or other interventions to improve connectivity, as well as to propose future policy directions for planning in matters related to mobility and circulation.

Please join us for a “bikeshop and walkshop” event on April 22.  These separate activities will provide an opportunity for residents to point out “in the field” particular areas of concern for cyclists and pedestrians. Participants riding as part of the bikeshop meet at 8641 Washington Boulevard, in front of El Barone restaurant at 10:00 a.m. and will be back by noon.  Participants for the walkshop will meet at the Metro Expo Station at 8817 Washington Boulevard at 12:00 p.m. and will be back by 2:00 p.m.

Working with you to envision and improve Culver City’s mobility - Share your experiences and perceptions to help build a vision for an even better Culver City. The City and its consultant team look forward to hearing your thoughts about planning for the future of mobility and connectivity in Culver City. 

Please visit us at https://culvertodvision.org/ 

Primal Kitchen - 9345 Culver Boulevard

A building permit was issued on April 12 for a 2,000 square foot tenant improvement for a new restaurant at 9345 Culver Boulevard for Primal Kitchen Restaurants.

Bank of America - 3809 Culver Center

A final building inspection was completed on April 5, for a 5,638 square foot tenant improvement for  Bank of America at 3809 Culver Center

4025 Grand View Boulevard

A building permit was issued on April 5, for 36 new three story townhomes with semi-subterranean parking at 4025 Grand View Boulevard

Vespertine – 3599 Hayden Avenue

A final building inspection was completed on April 3 for a 2,700 square foot tenant improvement for a new restaurant, Vespertine at 3599 Hayden Avenue.

9919 Jefferson Boulevard

Building plans were submitted on April 6 for temporary shoring for a new 5 level, 124, 031 square foot, open parking structure at 9919 Jefferson Boulevard.

4220 McConnell Boulevard

A building permit was issued on April 5 for a new two story 2,956 square foot house and covered porch with attached 406 square foot garage at 4220 McConnell Boulevard

Framestore - 8616 National Boulevard

Building plans were approved on April 5, for a 3,532 square foot tenant improvement for the Framestore at 8616 National Boulevard

5450 Sepulveda Boulevard

5450 SepulvedaA final building inspection was completed on March 29, for a new 13,600 square foot single story commercial/retail building, with 11,000 square foot rooftop parking at 5450 Sepulveda Boulevard. (Pictured at right)

Finish Line - Westfield Culver City

A final building inspection was completed on April 13 for a 5,548 square foot tenant improvement for Finishline at Westfield Culver City

Zumiez - Westfield Culver City

A final building inspection was completed on April 14 for a 3,551 square foot tenant improvement for Zumiez at Westfield Culver City. 

Harajuku Taproom - 4410 Sepulveda Boulevard

Building plans were submitted on April 10 for a 1,537 square foot tenant improvement of existing restaurant space for Harajuku-Taproom at  4410 Sepulveda Boulevard

Journey’s - Westfield Culver City:  Building plans were submitted on April 4 for Journeys, a retail store in Sony Pictures Studios Production Services Building, a new 51,716 square foot four story warehouse/storage building and truck parking at 10202 Washington Boulevard.

Sony Pictures’ Production Services - 10202 Washington Boulevard 

A final building inspection was completed on April 10 for Sony Pictures Studios Production Services Building, a new 51,716 square foot four story warehouse/storage building and truck parking at 10202 Washington Boulevard.

10202 Washington Boulevard, Sony, new parking pad in the foreground, new Studio Support Building on the right, new Production Services Building on the left:

10202 Washington Boulevard 1 

Inside the new Production Services Building:

10202 Washington Boulevard 2

Building plans were submitted on April 10 adding additional height to existing basketball netting on Sony Pictures’ Culver parking garage at 10202 Washington Boulevard 

Volvo Auto Dealership - 11201 Washington Boulevard

A final building inspection was completed on April 12 for Culver City Volvo, tenant improvement and 346 square foot of added floor area to existing Volvo Auto Dealership at 11201 Washington Boulevard.

Tenoverten - The PLATFORM Culver City

A final building inspection was completed on April 10 for a 1,231 square foot tenant improvement for Tenoverten, a nail salon at PLATFORM L.A. 

3603 Wesley Street

Building plans were submitted on April 11 to demolish existing attached duplex, and build two new 2 story dwellings, each with single car garages.  The front unit will be 1,795 square feet, and the rear unit will be 1,667 square feet, located at 3603 Wesley Street. 

Building Safety Metrics: 


Building Permits

Demolition Permits

Electrical Permits

Solar Permits

Mechanical Permits

Plumbing Permits

Permit Applications







Inspections Completed







Plan Checks Completed








Building Division permits and revenue to date (7-1-16 through 4-14-17)

Building permits: $1,179,401

Electrical permits: $457,304

Plumbing/Mechanical: $674,223

Building plan checks: $2,491,129

Technology surcharge: $150,663

Approximately total fiscal year revenue as of 4-14-17: $4,952,720

Potential and New Businesses

Grouve:  Economic Development met with Grouve, an emerging technology application company, to discuss potential relocation to Culver City.

Howling Juice: Economic Development is pleased to welcome Howling Juice in the Culver City Arts District Howling Juice will offer organic hand-crafted juice, freshly made wellness shots, and superfood tonics, smoothies and snacks.  Howling Juice is located at 5879 Washington Blvd. near the corner of La Cienega and Washington Blvd.   Their grand opening and ribbon cutting was on Monday, April 17.

Howling Juice

Virtual Reality Industry Events

virtual reality 1On Thursday, April 13th, Economic Development staff accompanied by Culver City Chamber President Steve Rose attended the LA Chamber Bixel Exchange event focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

April 14-15, Economic Development staff and Culver City Chamber President Steve Rose attended VRLA, the world’s largest virtual and augmented reality expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center to explore the possibility becoming an exhibitor in future events for attraction purposes. 

Economic Development Subcommittee

The Economic Development Subcommittee of the City Council met on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Councilmember Eriksson and Councilmember Cooper discussed a proposal to expand the existing commercial revitalization corridors.  This proposal will be forwarded to Council in the near future.

Downtown Farmers Market

The City is preparing a Request for Proposals for farmers’ market management services.  It is anticipated that the RFP will be released in May 2017. The City is implementing a plan to relocate parking of the vendor vehicles to accommodate the pending construction on Parcel B. The City is exploring means of providing a suitable electric power source to Main Street for use in lighting the vendors’ areas during fall and winter months.

farmers market

United States Postal Service (USPS) Facility at 1111 Jefferson Boulevard

Staff received notice from the US Postal Service (USPS) that the lease for the facility located at 11111 Jefferson Boulevard will not be renewed by the property owner.  The USPS is working to locate a replacement facility and will conduct community outreach meetings during the process.

Washington- National Transit Oriented Development (TOD)/ Ivy Station Project

The wells at 8801 Washington Blvd have been capped.  The City is working with the Developer to secure the site upon closing. The City is working with the Developer to finalize conveyance terms and credits.  Closing is anticipated to take place in mid- to late-May.

Department of Finance Long Range Property Management Plan

During the March 27 City Council meeting, the Successor Agency and the City Council approved the transfer of the leases for the Ivy Substation and Media Park from the Successor Agency to the City.   City staff will ask the Oversight Board to approve the transfer of the leases for the Ivy Substation and Media Park from the Successor Agency to the City during the May 11 Oversight Board meeting.


The City and the Developer are reviewing a draft Disposition and Development Agreement and a draft Design and Construction Contract. The City expects the entitlements process to be completed within the coming months and for construction to commence in summer 2017.

Staff attended Urban Land Institute’s Urban Market Place and promoted Culver City during event on April 12, 2017.  Staff attended Culver City/West Los Angeles College Liaison Committee meeting to discuss Economic Development efforts.  Culver City’s 10 best Restaurants were highlighted in the LA Weekly!


City Clerk's Office

get involved

Culver City Commission, Committee, and Board Appointments

The City Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce the application period for 2017 Culver City Commission, Committee, and Board appointments. Applications will be accepted by the City Clerk’s Office until Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 5:00 PM.  Late applications may not be accepted.

Eighteen (18) openings are available on the following bodies: Civil Service Commission (1); Committee on Homelessness (4); Cultural Affairs Commission (2); Fiesta La Ballona (1); Landlord Tenant Mediation Board (1 Tenant, 2 Landlord, and 1 Member-at-Large); Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Area Advisory Committee (1); Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission (2); Planning Commission (2); and West Los Angeles Vector Control Board (1). The City Clerk’s Office encourages all interested persons to apply for all positions in which they have an interest!

City Council plans to interview applicants at a special meeting on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.  Appointments for these openings, which have different start/end dates, are tentatively scheduled to be considered by the City Council on Monday, June 12, 2017.  New appointees will be required to attend a Brown Act /AB1234 (Ethics) training on Thursday, June 29, 2017 between 6-9pm. Please save these dates if applying. Applicants are also encouraged to reach out to City Council members, whose contact information is located on the Culver City website:  http://www.culvercity.org/city-hall/city-council.

Applicants can complete and submit applications online at www.culvercity.org/serve. Applications and additional information are also available in person during business hours from the City Clerk’s Office, located on the first floor at City Hall (9770 Culver Boulevard); may be requested by phone at (310) 253-5851, or can be downloaded from the website at  www.culvercity.org to complete by hand. Business hours are 7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. City Hall is closed on the following alternate Fridays during the application period:  April 14, 28, and May 12, 2017.  Applications will be accepted online, in person, by mail, by fax to 310.253.5830, or electronically via email to city.clerk@culvercity.org

Fire Department

firefightersThermal Imager Training

The Los Angeles County Fire Department has been conducting thermal imager training at the Culver City training tower during the week of April 17. Culver City Fire Department personnel have also participated in this training to refresh their skills, glean new techniques and enhance their expertise. A thermal imaging camera allows firefighters to see areas of heat (e.g., body heat, fire) through smoke and darkness. A thermal imaging camera is a lifesaving piece of equipment as it can help firefighters seek out trapped victims and pinpoint hot spots in a smoke-filled environment.   

Water First Program

We want everyone to have emergency water! In April, Culver City residents can purchase a 55 Gallon Water Storage System at a discounted price with free delivery to our drill yard for pick-up. The system allows you to fill a 55-gallon drum with water, which is good for 5 years. More Prepared has created a special landing page on their website for Culver City residents to place their orders by April 25. For more up-to-date information about the program, visit www.culvercity.org/fire.


Police Department

Browne 1ALos Angeles Police Department Leadership Program 

After four intense months of studying hard and attending classes for over 136 hours, Lieutenant William Browne (center) graduated from the LAPD Leadership Program, formerly known as the West Point Leadership Program. The four month program is designed for law enforcement management personnel to utilize contemporary behavioral science theories and approaches to identify and account for what is currently happening within police organizations and with the public.

Police Explorers Color Guard/Centennial Mayor's Luncheon 2017

On April 18th, the Police Department’s Explorer Color Guard attended the annual Mayor’s Luncheon at the Double Tree Hotel and presented the official Colors (flags) for the ceremony and lead the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Explorer Program is led by Sergeant Dan Sukal and consists of 8 Explorers.  Each Explorer attended 12 weeks of training, every Saturday morning for 8 hours, at the South Bay Regional Law Enforcement Explorer Academy at El Camino College.

 Color Guard

Public Works Department

Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations Division to host Free Turf Removal Class on Wednesday May, 17 at 5 pm 

West Basin Municipal Water District, the Metropolitan Water District and the Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations Division will be hosting a free Turf Removal class for residents to learn how to properly remove thirsty grass, install water efficient plants, and create a beautiful native or drought tolerant landscape at home.


This informative and fun DIY workshop is scheduled for May 17, from 5 pm - 8 pm in the Dan Patacchia Room at City Hall. Doors open at 4:30 pm for check-in. Residents should RSVP and register for the class through the South Bay Environmental Services Center website: www.sbesc.com  or call (310) 371-4633 directly. 

Transportation Department

Earth Day events in Southern California

Continuing to encourage citizens to “share the ride,” the transportation department participated in Earth Day Fairs including the Sony Pictures Employee Fair on Thursday, April 20. Staff was on hand to answer questions and pass out information to attendees curious about Culver CityBus routes and services. The event was well attended with staff promoting the value, benefits and joy of ridesharing using Culver CityBus! 

2017 April 21 Sony Pictures Rideshare EDIT

CCUSD Tours Transportation Facility 

On Friday, April 14, 2017, Culver CityBus partnered with CCUSD to provide a tour of their facility. The students in attendance were allowed to ride a bus and learn about the day-to-day operations, fleet services and training that happens on site. Participants were provided with information about Culver CityBus routes and services. The session provided an overview of “How to Ride the Bus” with useful transit tips and information. Looking forward to more events to get students on transit! #CulverPride

 2017 April 21 CCUSD 4 EDIT

 2017 April 21 CCUSD Tour 2 EDIT

New Vehicle Showcase 

On Tuesday, April 11, prior to the City Council meeting, Transportation Department staff displayed two recent additions to the City's green fleet: a new Automatic Side Loader-refuse truck and a 40' transit bus. Both vehicles are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).

In coordination with the Public Works Department, six (6) new automated side loader trucks and one (1) new rear loader truck, manufactured by Autocar to Culver City specifications, have been placed into service in recent months. These vehicles were partially purchased with air quality grant funds, have been put into service for refuse collection service. Grant funds were awarded through the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Over the past ten years, the Culver City Transportation Department has received over $2 million in "Clean Transportation Funding from the MSRC" for a number of pollution reduction projects including vehicle purchases and CNG fueling infrastructure programs.

 2017 April 21 Vehicle Showcase 8 EDIT

2017 April 21 Vehicle Showcase 6 EDIT


Acceptance and delivery of eighteen (18) New Flyer Xcelsior public transit buses is ongoing, but several of the new buses are already in service. These buses have a considerable amount of new technology on-board including a new intuitive INFOtainment system which displays route information and upcoming stops via LCD monitors.  The buses, which feature new three position bike racks, also have all electric air/heating systems, intelligent automatic entrance/exit door systems and all-electric powertrain cooling technology. 

The Mayor and several Council members, as well as many citizens came to see and tour the new vehicles. All were very impressed!!  Look for these and other new technology vehicles on the streets of Culver City!

 2017 April 21 Vehicle Showcase 1

 2017 April 21 Vehicle Showcase 4 EDIT

Bus Stop Relocation 

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, staff began implementation on the City Council-approved relocation of 32 bus stops in Culver City from the nearside to the far side of the intersections. This project will maximize the effectiveness of bus signal priority and will enhance roadway safety. The Bus Signal Priority Project (BSP) is part of Transportation Department’s efforts to incorporate technology to improve bus operations and enhance mobility.  BSP is an intelligent technology that will be aware of approaching Culver City buses and their arrival/departure times.  When a bus is behind schedule, the BSP will extend the green traffic signal by a few seconds so that the late bus is not stopped by the traffic signal red light. This will ensure that buses are not further delayed and that they can get back on schedule.  The relocation of bus stops will take several weeks to complete. For more information please visit www.culvercitybus.com or call 310-253-6500.

New Kiss and Ride Location for Transit Riders

Effective Tuesday, March 21, a temporary Kiss & Ride location was added at the Culver City Metro Station. The Kiss and Ride Area is designated for 3 minutes or less temporary stopping (no parking please) to pick up and drop off transit riders. 

2017 March 24 Kiss and Ride Map EDIT

Sidewalk Closure

Sidewalk access (shown below) is closed due to Ivy Station Development Construction. The closure is anticipated to remain in effect until project completion in 2019. Bus stops located in these segments of the sidewalks will be relocated, and pedestrian access to the bus stops on Robertson Boulevard and Washington Boulevard will be impacted. Please find below the affected sidewalk area. Please call 310-253-6500 for more information or visit the Culver CityBus Website.

  • Eastbound Venice Boulevard sidewalk between Robertson Boulevard and National Boulevard; and,
  • Southbound National Boulevard between Venice Boulevard and Washington Boulevard.

 February 24, 2017 Sidewalk Closure

Culver City Station Parking Lot Closure and Alternative Parking

Metro’s Culver City Station parking lot (between Washington, National, and Venice Boulevards) is closed to make way for scheduled construction on the new development, Ivy Station.  The construction for the development is scheduled to last 30 months, with anticipated completion in 2019.  During the construction period, parking will be available for Metro riders at the nearby Ince Parking Garage (9099 Washington Boulevard) as an alternative parking option.  Parking fees at the Ince Parking Garage will be $3/day for patrons with a recently used TAP card. In response to the parking lot closure, Culver CityBus has established two temporary bus stops near the Ince Parking Garage for Lines 1 and 7. Service for these new stops will began on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.  Existing bus stops at Culver/Main will not be affected. Please call 310-253-6500 for more information or visit the CityBus Website.

February 24, 2017 Ince Parking Map

Limited Edition Centennial TAP Cards – While Supplies last!

Centennial TAP (Transit Access Pass) cards now available for $2 at either of our two physical sales locations. Come Visit us in person at our City Hall or Transportation offices.  Cards only available while supplies last.  Get yours today!

TAP Card Image

Image, courtesy of the Culver City Historical Society, shows the 1922 Culver City offices


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