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Business Assistance & Retention

Business Assistance
Direct Line: (310) 253-5765

The City of Culver City understands the important relationship between the health of the business community and the maintenance of a high quality of life for its residents. For this reason, Culver City is committed to promoting and assisting in the success of our businesses. To achieve this goal, the City has developed a plan to promote, assist, retain and attract quality business in Culver City. Our programs assist businesses both large and small:

  • Business Assistance: Culver City's Economic Development staff proactively visits businesses to learn of issues that might present obstacles to their operations. Culver City has staff devoted to helping businesses solve problems whether it might be permitting, inspection, legislative/policy or simply needing basic direction.
  • Permit Service Center: One-stop center for information and assistance with most city permits. Staff acts as an advocate to help business negotiate often time complex City processes.
  • Site Search: Economic Development staff assists businesses interested in locating to Culver City with site search and selection.
  • Information/Demographics: Culver City offers information and basic demographics on City services, programs and the community to prospective and established businesses.
  • Economic Development Assistance: Economic Development assistance is available to help businesses locate in Culver City. Assistance is considered on a case-by-case basis and is intended to help achieve Agency goals.

Business Retention
Culver City already enjoys a strong and diverse economic base. This economic base provides much of the needed revenue to conduct City services which provides a high quality of life experience for Culver City's businesses and residents. It is critical to protect and foster relationships with already established businesses. Retention of existing businesses remains a key focus of the Economic Development Division.