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Finance Department

Jeff Muir, Chief Financial Officer
(310) 253-5865 - Email

The Finance Department provides sound fiscal advice and information to City officials, City departments and the general public that ensures a financially strong and effective city government, in a timely, cost-effective and professional manner. The department plays a key role in each financial transaction of the City and Redevelopment Agency, ranging from cash handling to debt management; from financial forecasting to budgetary controls. The Department responsibilities include: financial administration, budgeting and financial analysis, accounting and auditing of City resources, establishment of sound internal controls, cash management, debt management, purchasing, investments, billing and collection of monies due the City, issuing of business licenses, accounts payable and payroll. The Department assists the City Manager in preparing and administering the operating and capital improvement budgets, ensures accurate fiscal analysis on items presented to the City Council, and through the City Manager provides an annual audited statement of the City’s financial condition to the City Council, prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards.