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SOL BLUMENFELD - Community Development Director

Sol Blumenfeld is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and received Master Degrees in city planning from the Graduate School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania and in landscape architecture from California Polytechnic University. He has worked in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, urban design and land planning in the public and private sectors as a Planning Director, Community Development Director and Program Administrator.

Mr. Blumenfeld has been a Community Development Director in three cities, implementing revitalization and redevelopment programs. He is currently Community. Development Director in Culver City and Assistant Executive Director of the City's Redevelopment Agency and Housing Authority where he oversees redevelopment including a major transit oriented development, affordable housing, streetscape, municipal parking and the Downtown revitalization. He administers the City's Redevelopment, Planning, Building Safety, Code Enforcement, Housing and Economic Development Divisions.

Previously he served as Community Development Director at the City of Hermosa Beach and the City of Lynwood overseeing city planning, redevelopment, economic development, housing, building and safety, code enforcement, CDBG and recycling. He has successfully implemented downtown revitalization programs generating over 100 million dollars of private reinvestment that included municipal parking, a four-star beachfront resort hotel, a pedestrian promenade providing a new venue for retail, restaurants and city events and the attraction of new downtown businesses. He is a credentialed California Building Official and teaches land planning and design at U.C.L.A. Extension Department of Landscape Architecture.