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Culver City Plunge
The Culver City Municipal Plunge is located:
4175 Overland Avenue, Culver City
Phone: (310)-253-6680


Aquatics Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Culver City Aquatics’ Program is to provide comprehensive aquatics programming that meets the needs of the community through highly accessible, enjoyable and varied opportunities for learning and recreation. We strive to offer a safe, responsive and welcoming aquatics environment that promotes the health and well-being of our City’s residents.

Culver City Plunge Survey

Recreation & Lap Swim Fees:
Adults (18 & older) $4.00
Youth, seniors and persons with disabilities $2.50

Recreation & Lap Passes (15 visits):
Adult Lap Swim Passes, Resident, $35.00
Adult Lap Swim Passes, Non-Resident, $50.00
Adult-Student Lap Swim Passes, Resident, $30.00
Adult-Student Lap Swim Passes, Non-Resident, $45.00
Seniors & Disabled Lap Passes, Resident, $20.00
Seniors & Disabled Lap Passes, Non-Resident, $25.00
Youth Recreation Swim Passes, Resident, $20.00
Youth Recreation Swim Passes, Non-Resident, $25.00

Water Exercise
Adults 18 yrs & Older (per class) $2.00
Seniors and Persons with Disability (per class) $1.00

Water Exercise (15 visits):
Adult Pass, $20.00
Seniors and Persons with Disability, $15.00

For additional aquatic information contact Diego Cevallos by email or call (310) 253-6680.