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Inglewood Oil Field

Inglewood Oil FieldWelcome to Culver City’s Inglewood Oil Field web page. 

On this page the City will post the latest information, schedules, meetings, public notices, documents, related links and other information concerning the Inglewood Oil Field. 

Check back periodically for updated information.

Click here for information about the Discussion Draft Oil Drilling Regulations and to download the document.

What's New

Senate Bill (SB) 4 Well Stimulation Treatment Regulations and Notice of Preparation (NOP) for SB 4 Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The California Department of Conservation (DOC) has issued a public notice announcing the release of proposed regulations for well stimulation treatment of oil and gas production. Development of the regulations is a requirement of Senate Bill 4 which was signed into law on September, 2013. Any interested person may submit written comments to the DOC or present statements orally or in writing at one of five public hearings the DOC will be holding in January throughout California. The written comment period closes at 5:00 PM on January 14, 2014. The proposed regulations, written comment submittal instructions, and public hearing information is available on the DOC’s web site at

SB 4 also requires the Department/Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) to prepare an EIR to analyze the impacts of well stimulation treatments. Suggestions for the content and scope of the EIR will be taken at five public scoping meetings by DOGGR. The NOP and information about the public scoping meetings is available on the DOC’s web site referenced above.

Culver City Regulations Compared to County CSD

Tentative Project Timeline

Community Meeting Regarding the Discussion Draft Oil Drilling Regulations on June 6, 2013. 
Click here to view the 6/6/13 meeting webcast. 

Baldwin Hills Community Standards District (CSD) Review: (updated: 06/11/13)

Culver City has received the following notice from the County of Los Angeles regarding a public meeting to receive comments on the required comprehensive review of the Baldwin Hills Community Standards District (CSD).

In December 2008, the County of Los Angeles adopted a new set of standards to regulate the portion of the Inglewood Oil Field that is located in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. The standards are known as the Baldwin Hills Community Standards District (CSD). 

Section G.7 of the CSD requires that the County conduct a comprehensive review of the CSD at least every five years to determine if the provisions of the CSD are adequately protecting the health, safety, and general welfare. The review shall consider whether additional provisions should be added, appended, or removed and to evaluate if proven technological advances that would further reduce impacts of oil operations on neighboring land uses should be incorporated into the provisions of the CSD. The Department of Regional Planning has made a survey available to collect the community’s input.  Please click on the following link to read the introduction to the periodic review process, and to be taken to the survey:

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