Göran Eriksson

Council Member

1st Term
04/25/2016 - 12/14/2020
2nd Term
12/14/2020 - 12/09/2024


Göran Eriksson was elected to the City Council of the City of Culver City in April 2016 and was re-elected to a second term on the City Council on December 14, 2020.  He has served on various renowned organizations, including:

  • Current President of the California Independent Cities Association.
  • Member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for the National League of Cities.
  • Co-Chair of the National League of Cities Aviation Subcommittee.
  • Member of the National League of Cities Unmanned Air Mobility Integration Advisory Forum
  • Member of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Community Noise Roundtable

The City Council has appointed Council Member Eriksson to several Committees and Subcommitees, including: 

  • LAX Ad Hoc Subcommittee
  • Economic Development Subcommittee
  • Mobility Traffic & Parking Subcommittee
  • Police Liaison Subcommittee

Prior to Eriksson’s election to his first term on the City Council in 2016, he served on the following committees:

  • Appointee to the Culver City Advisory Committee on Redevelopment.
  • Chair of the Culver City Finance Advisory Committee, which provides advice to the City Council on issues including the review of revenues and expenditures of tax measures; the City Council Budget; methods through which the City can reduce expenditures; and ways to increase or diversify City revenues.
  • Vice Chair of the Culver City Unified School District Citizen Bond Oversight Committee, a financial oversight committee ensuring the Bond funds voted on by the community are used to improve the school district properties.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, Eriksson has been involved in international sales, marketing and business development for over 30 years. From 1985 to 1987, Eriksson worked with the Swedish Offices of Science & Technology in Los Angeles.  He has also served as Vice President of Puregas Solutions LLC, a developer and manufacturer of renewable energy biogas upgrading plants, and as Senior Advisor at Invest in Sweden Agency in Los Angeles, the Swedish government agency with a mission to stimulate foreign direct investment into Sweden.

In 1987, Eriksson founded the international business development consultancy esi Techtrans, Inc. and has served as President since inception. More than 50 European companies have benefited from his establishment and business development experience and insights as they have entered the U.S. market. In 1992, he and his wife Britta Eriksson, co-founded Euro VAT (Value Added Tax) Refund Inc, a leading VAT financial service corporation specializing in VAT reclaim and management.  Eriksson currently serves as its Chairman of the Board and Chief Financial Officer.

Community service has been at the center of Eriksson’s commitment to the people he serves. His history of volunteer work includes: 

  • Co-founder and President of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, Greater Los Angeles.
  • Vice Chairman of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, United States.
  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lund University Foundation, Inc.
  • Past President and current Member of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce.
  • Member of the Culver City Exchange Club, under the umbrella of National Exchange Association, a community 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising funds for organizations who work to alleviate child abuse.

As the Chairman of the Lund University Foundation, Eriksson spearheaded a project to organize, translate, and publish the witness testimonies of over 500 survivors from the WW2 Holocaust concentration camp in Ravensbrück, Germany. Between 2014 and 2017, Eriksson and his colleagues raised over $3,000,000 for the project, which has been used to educate the world on the experience of victims of the Ravensbrück concentration camp. 

Eriksson has been a frequent speaker and moderator at major trade shows and industry seminars addressing trends within the U.S., Environmental Industry, Information Technology, and international business development. He has appeared on CNBC and also been requested as a regular guest commentator on Biz Talk Soup Radio, a nationally syndicated radio program covering financial and technology issues. 

Eriksson earned his Master of Science degree in Computers and Electronics at LTH, University of Lund, Sweden, where he also served as Chairman of the Lund University Student Body. Married to his wife Britta for more than 30 years, they have two sons, Philip and Niklas, who grew up in Culver City.