Strategic Plan 2018-2023



On October 22, 2018 the City Council adopted its 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.2018-2023 Strategic Plan(PDF, 1MB)   The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to provide the City with a guiding document, setting priorities for the next five years. Strategic planning is a method by which the City Council plans and prioritizes its goals in a transparent and accountable manner. A Strategic Plan enables the City to efficiently move the community forward.  Decision making about government services considers our needs, while balancing available resources and utilizing best practices to deliver services and support for Culver City’s long-term success. 

This Strategic Plan informs the City Budget, as well as act as a roadmap to guide us from vision to reality. The City uses this Plan to align our limited resources with prioritized initiatives, which connect to a broader vision for our community’s future.  The Strategic Plan renews the City Council’s pledge to Culver City—the commitment to live up to our heritage of being “The Heart of Screenland” in our pursuit to make Culver City the ideal place to live, do business, visit, and attend school.

The City Council's Mission

The City Council provides overall policy directions which serve to maintain and improve the quality of life in the City of Culver City, while being open and responsive to the changing needs, desires and interests of the citizenry.

City Council Strategic Goals

Through the public input process and discussions with City Council members and community stakeholders, the following goals have been identified: 

Ensure long-term financial stability; enhance mobility and transportation; revitalize Ballona Creek; enhance housing and homeless services; transform Inglewood Oil Field

For each of these goals, the Strategic Plan identifies a number of specific objectives and action steps to achieve the objectives.  As part of the annual City Council-Adopted Budget, the City Council and City staff will identify short-term (one year) objectives for each of the strategic goals; develop strategies/action steps to accomplish each of the objectives; identify human and financial resources necessary to accomplish each of the strategies/action steps; identify a timeframe for completion of each action step; and develop benchmarks/indicators for success and an action plan for tracking progress.  The City Council Adopted Budget includes assignment of organizational responsibilities, a schedule to implement the actions, and costs. The Work Plan identifies performance measures the City can use to gauge its progress in achieving the goals.

2018-2023 City of Culver City Strategic Plan(PDF, 1MB)

If you have any questions about the Strategic Plan, please email Shelly Wolfberg, Assistant to the City Manager or call 310-253-6000.