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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is responsible planning, directing, coordinating and implementing various internal services, programs and special projects. The divisions within the department include: City Clerk's office, Cultural Affairs, Human Resources and Risk Management.

Advance Planning Division

The Advance Planning Division is responsible for developing and implementing Culver City's long-term vision, values, and goals through land use and policy planning. To do this and understand and address opportunities and issues affecting the community and region, Advance Planning partners with the community, other City Departments, boards, and commissions; and local, regional, and state agencies.

Building Safety

The Building Safety Division is responsible for the enforcement of all building codes adopted by the City and the State of California for local jurisdiction enforcement.

City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office provides high quality, timely and cost effective legal guidance, support and representation for all City Officials and City Staff on matters of law pertaining to their duties and responsibilities.

City Clerk

The City Clerk’s Office, as a division of the Administrative Services Department, is responsible for maintaining the City’s legislative history; administering and supervising municipal elections; ensuring legislative compliance; administering the City’s record management program; compiling and maintaining all official city records and documents; administering oaths of office; and more.

City Manager

The City Manager's Office is responsible for preparation of the City's Operating and Capital Improvements Budgets, grants administration, personnel matters and Council agenda preparation.

Code Enforcement

  • Telephone(310) 253-5940

Staff works closely with the community in hopes of gaining voluntary compliance.

Community Development

The Community Development Department is responsible for guiding, monitoring, and facilitating development within Culver City. The six divisions that make up the Department each play a separate but mutually supporting role in community building.

Current Planning Division

  • Telephone(310) 253-5710
  • Planner On Duty(310) 253-5725

The Planning Division maintains and implements the City’s General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and prepares other specialized planning documents, including Specific Plans.

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