Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is responsible planning, directing, coordinating and implementing various internal services, programs and special projects. The programs and projects in the Administrative Services Department include organizational and leadership development, labor relations, records management, elections, historic preservation, art in public places and risk management. The four divisions that make up the Department each provide support and advice to internal service departments, staff and the Culver City community.

City Clerk’s Office

(310) 253-5851

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for maintaining the City’s legislative history; administering and supervising municipal elections; ensuring legislative compliance; administering the City’s record management program; compiling and maintaining all official city records and documents; administering oaths of office; preparing legal publications and notices; and overseeing the passport program.

Cultural Affairs Division

(310) 253-5772

The Cultural Affairs Division is dedicated to supporting and strengthening Culver City’s vibrant cultural life by promoting and delivering performing, visual and literary arts experiences, education and services to residents and visitors. It is also responsible for managing and maintaining the City’s extensive collection of public art, overseeing the performing arts grant program and providing guidance and support for development projects that have public art and historic preservation requirements.  

Human Resources Division

(310) 253-5640

The Human Resources Division is responsible for effectively administering the City’s comprehensive personnel programs, including classification, compensation, benefits and training, in accordance with the civil service rules, memoranda of understanding, law and council policy; and for providing administrative support to the City Manager, City Council and the Civil Service Commission.

Risk Management Division

(310) 253-5680

The Risk Management Division analyzes, organizes, and leads efforts to minimize the adverse effects of risk to the city. This approach includes analyzing the financial impact of losses and litigation concerning workers’ compensation claims against the city.  The Division also works towards reducing the corresponding frequency and severity of these events through the application of professional risk management techniques and training.  Risk Management strives to provide a safe work environment for employees and for the public to enjoy.  The Division plays a vital role in freeing up dollars which would otherwise be spent on claims and claims-related issues, making them available for other beneficial uses throughout the City.

Department Head

Onyx Jones

Assistant City Manager