Lindberg Park Prop 68 Projects



The City of Culver City has a limited amount of Parks and Water Bond Act of 2018 (Proposition 68) Per Capita funds to use for improvements at Lindberg Park.  The primary project is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrade at the Stone House.  In mid-October 2021, the community voted to select one additional project, the Picnic Area Rehabilitation, or, the Outdoor Exercise Area Expansion.

We have a winner!

Thank you to all 380 community members who voted. Here are the results of the Lindberg Park Prop 68 Project survey.Lindberg-Park-Hollywood-Juniper-Tree


Preferred Project    
 Picnic Area Rehabilitation 224 59%
 Outdoor Exercise Area Expansion 156 41%
 Total 380  


Picnic Shelter Roof Color
 Evergreen 112 50%
 Terra Cotta 56 25%
 Roman Blue 54 24%
 No Response 2 1%
Total 224


Proximity to Lindberg Park
 I live less than 1/2 from the Park  198
 I live 1/2 to 3 miles from the Park 164 43%
 I live further than 3 miles away  17 4%
 No Response 1 0.3%
Total 380


The Hollywood Juniper tree (above) is now being "protected in place."  The tree will not be removed as part of this project.  The Picnic Area Rehabilitation plans will remain posted on this page.  We will also post project updates here.

Lindberg Park Picnic Area Rehabilitation

Please note that based on community input, PRCS has revised this plan.
The only change is the preservation of the Hollywood Juniper tree.

Thumbnail-of-Lindberg-Park-Picnic-Area-Plan(PDF, 100KB)

This is an image of the picnic shelter replacement.
The color selected for the picnic shelter roof is Evergreen.

Thumbnail-of-Lindberg-Park-Picnic-Shelter(PDF, 325KB)

These are some images of the picnic area amenities. 

Thumbnail-of-Lindberg-Park-Picnic-Area-Amenities(PDF, 137KB)

If you have questions about the voting process and/or the Lindberg Park Projects, please email the Culver City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department or call (310) 253-6668