Major Projects

8825 National Blvd - Crossings Campus (Application is for 8833 National Blvd)

Preparation of Environmental Impact Report Documents

Notice of EIR Scoping and Community Meetings NOP(PDF, 3MB)

NOP Initial Study and Appendices.IS(PDF, 14MB)

Notice of Completion to State.NOC(PDF, 246KB)

Draft Environmental Impact Report 

Notice of Availability(PDF, 2MB)

Draft Environmental Impact Report(PDF, 25MB)

Draft EIR Appendices

Appendix A - NOP, Scoping Materials, and Comments on the NOP(PDF, 112MB)

Appendix B - Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas Emissions(PDF, 5MB)

Appendix C - Historical Report(PDF, 79MB)

Appendix D - Public Archaeological Resources Report(PDF, 7MB)

Appendix E - Energy Calculations(PDF, 2MB)

Appendix F - Geotechnical Report(PDF, 12MB)

Appendix G - Public Paleontological Resources Assessment Report(PDF, 6MB)

Appendix H - Phase 1 ESA(PDF, 177MB)

Appendix I - Hydrology Report(PDF, 143MB)

Appendix J - Land Use Plans and Policies(PDF, 467KB)

Appendix K - Noise Calculation Worksheets(PDF, 638KB)

Appendix L - Public Services Request for Information Responses(PDF, 5MB)

Appendix M - Transportation Impact Study(PDF, 19MB)

Appendix N - Native American Consultation Documentation(PDF, 6MB)

Appendix O - Water Supply Assessments(PDF, 13MB)

Appendix P - Utility Report(PDF, 9MB)

Appendix Q - Solid Waste Calcs(PDF, 908KB)

Final Environmental Impact Report

Final Environmental Impact Report Notice of Availability(PDF, 123KB)

Final Environmental Impact Report(PDF, 6MB)

Appendix A - Original Comment Letters on the Draft EIR(PDF, 8MB)

Appendix B – Draft EIR Public Meeting Materials(PDF, 1MB)

Appendix C – Human Health Risk Assessment(PDF, 23MB)

Appendix D – Soil Pre-Characterization Survey for Disposal(PDF, 21MB)

Appendix E – Supplemental Air Quality Emissions Calculations(PDF, 147KB)

8833, 8825 National & 8771 Washington - Notice of Availability of FEIR- Filed(PDF, 152KB)

Notice of Determination

NOD for Crossings Campus 8825 National Blvd - Dec 6, 2022(PDF, 156KB)

NOD for Crossings Campus 8825 National Blvd Dec 13, 2022(PDF, 208KB)


4464 Sepulveda Blvd - SB 35 Mixed Use Project

4464 Sepulveda Blvd - SB 35 Mixed Use Project


Project Information

The proposed mixed-use development consists of the following:

  • A new 139,500 square-foot, 6-story residential structure with 95 rental units affordable to low- income households with 127 parking spaces (one level of at grade parking, and one level of subterranean parking). The building will be a maximum of 70’-6” tall, and will be setback at least 25 feet from the rear property line.
  • A 6,730 square-foot religious facility building,
  • A 7,200 square-foot pre-school building.

The project will require demolition of the existing Culver Palms United Methodist Church, which will be re-built on the site in a new configuration.

Review the Preliminary Project Plans for 4464 Sepulveda Blvd(PDF, 6MB)

Project Status
  • 6/13/2022: The City Council approved a loan commitment of $4 million dollars to Community Corporation of Santa Monica (Applicant).
  • 6/16/2022: Project deemed eligible for SB 35 streamlined ministerial review process (pending conclusion of tribal consultation).
  • 8/18/2022: Applicant held their first community meeting.

Next Steps:

  • Applicant is revising plans to demonstrate compliance with objective standards.
  • Applicant to hold second community meeting (meeting date to be determined).

For more information, email the project planner Andrea Fleck.

More About Senate Bill (SB) 35 – Streamlined Infill Projects

Per California Government Code Section 65913.4, qualifying housing development projects may be eligible for the SB 35 streamlined ministerial review process. Eligible projects must include housing for certain income levels where there is a shortage of production, pay a prevailing wage for construction labor, and meet all objective affordability, density, zoning, historic, and environmental standards outlined in the bill. Under SB 35, localities must approve projects only on the basis of whether the project complies with objective SB 35 qualifying criteria and design standards. As ministerial projects, SB 35 projects are not subject to the California Environmental Quality Act.

In Culver City, SB 35 projects must provide a minimum of 50% of the project’s total number of dwelling units affordable to households making below 80% of the area median income.

The proposed mixed-use project at 4464 Sepulveda (Culver-Palms United Methodist Church site) is deemed eligible for a streamlined ministerial review process under Senate Bill (35). The project will include 95 dwelling units, with 100% of units affordable to low-income households, including 2 affordable manager’s units. 21 of the 95 dwelling units may be reserved for permanent supportive housing units subject to funding availability. 

Read more about SB 35(PDF, 620KB)

More About Density and Other Bonus Incentives

The project qualifies for Density and Other Bonus Incentives per California Government Code Section 65915, which allows the project an increase in density, and additional incentives and waivers of development standards that would otherwise be required by the Culver City Zoning Code. The following density bonus, concessions, incentives, and waivers have been granted for this project.

Density Bonus and Project Type Incentives:

State law affords additional automatic incentives for projects that are 100% affordable and within ½ a mile of a major transit stop.

  • The City may not impose a maximum density.
  • The City may not impose a minimum vehicular parking ratio.
  • A height increase of 33 feet is permitted above the maximum height allowed by the Zoning Code.

Concessions and Incentives:

  • Reduction of required 15’-0” ground-level front setback.
  • Reduction of required 35’-0” rear setback for portions of the building greater than 35’-0” in height on a parcel adjacent to R1 or R2 Zone(s).
  • Relief from minimum residential unit size requirements.
  • Relief from requirement that the overall non-residential floor area be a minimum of 10% of the mixed-use project’s total gross floor area.

Waivers or Reductions of Development Standards:

  • Waiver from required 60-degree clear-zone angle measured from 15 feet above the existing grade and 10 feet from the side and rear property lines adjacent to residential zones, required for portion of the building greater than 15’-0”.
  • Waiver from minimum required 100 cubic feet of storage space per residential unit.