Slow Streets Culver City

Road Closed, Local Traffic Only sign, Slow Down, Slow Streets sign.

In response to community requests, the City of Culver City has created a temporary Slow Streets Program for local residential streets to allow for social distancing during the pandemic by using the whole street width for walking, bicycling, scooting, skating, and any other modes of person-propelled transportation.

SlowStreet_Sign1.pngSlow Streets are not fully closed. Instead, they have signs posted on barricades at entry and exit locations that indicate the street is for local traffic only, and asking any vehicular traffic on the street to slow down and for all road users to exercise caution.  Local vehicular access by residents, deliveries to the homes, Uber/Lyft drop-off/pick-up activities, City services (including emergency vehicles) will continue.  However, all vehicle drivers are asked to maintain slow speeds.

The Slow Streets designation is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, until COVID-19 emergency orders are lifted by the City.  Alternatively, until the neighborhood decides to end the Slow Streets designation for their street, or the City determines that the purposes of the Slow Streets program are not being met.

Slow Streets are not public gathering places, and cannot be used for neighborhood group activities, nor for group sports.

Registered community volunteers will ensure that the referenced signs identifying the street as a Slow Street, advising motorists to drive slowly, and reminding everyone to maintain social distance, exercise caution and wear a face mask, will remain in place and visible to all. Additionally, the designated volunteers are responsible for reporting to the City on operations of the Slow Streets on a regular basis.

Expanding availability for physical distancing is intended to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus.