Transit Oriented Development Visioning Plan

Working With You To Envision And Improve Culver City’s Mobility

Share your experiences and perceptions to help build a vision for an even better Culver City. The City and its consultant team look forward to hearing your thoughts about planning for the future of mobility and connectivity in Culver City.

Workshop 1: How do we get there from here? UPDATE

Our first workshop focused on hearing from the 60+ participants about what makes Culver City special and what forces or factors are challenging Culver City today. The "word clouds" reflect the frequency with which assets and challenges were brought up in the break-out groups - the bigger the word, the bigger the issue.

We also looked together at how well the city is performing along a number of dimensions related to mobility. From the graphs, you can see where it's succeeding and where it has room for improvement.

Finally, the workgroups used maps of the TOD and vicinity to locate issues they encounter along frequent paths of travel. These are just a start of course.

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