Community Mtg RE: Washington Blvd Urban Stormwater & Runoff Project

Map showing Washington Blvd Stormwater Project details

Members of the public are invited to a virtual Public Works Community Meeting regarding the WASHINGTON BLVD URBAN STORMWATER & URBAN RUNOFF DIVERSION PROJECT


In order to comply with stormwater quality mandates for trash, metals, bacteria and other pollutants, the City of Culver City has partnered with Costco to build and operate a stormwater and runoff diversion facility along Washington Blvd and Glencoe Ave. The facility will capture dry weather runoff and stormwater and store it for diversion to the sewer system and future irrigation needs. Construction is slated to begin summer 2021.

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Community Meeting

Beginning at 6:00 PM on Thursday April 8, 2021, the Environmental Programs & Operations Division of the Public Works Department will host a virtual workshop for this project. City staff and representatives from the City’s consultant CWE will present the project and members of the public are invited to ask questions.


  • Thursday, April 08, 2021 | 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Virtual Event