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Services Provided

Michelson Found Animals Adopt & Shop is a unique store with a mission – Saving Pets. Enriching Lives. We offer pet adoptions, pet supplies, grooming and dog daycare, all in one location. All of our pets come from local shelters and as a nonprofit, all of the profits go back into programs to save more pets. Our goal is to help reduce pets being euthanized in shelters, offering a way for customers to be a part of our mission. Join us in making a difference for pets and pet owners!

Volunteer Positions

Must be at least 14 years of age, attend a Volunteer Orientation, sign a volunteer waiver and commit to at least 8 hours a month for at least 3 months

  • PET CARE PROVIDERS (Working with our adoptable cats and dogs by helping with dog walking, kennel cleaning, cat/dog enrichment, dog playgroups, laundry/dishes, etc.) Based out of Culver City and Lakewood
  • RETAIL & ADOPTION COUNSELORS (Assist in the adoption process by helping customers make the right adoption matches and shop for all the necessary pet supplies) Based out of Culver City and Lakewood
  • DAYCARE ASSISTANTS (Manage constant playgroup in our dog daycare) Based out of Culver City
  • KITTEN CAREGIVERS (Provide care for our underage kittens in our kitten nursery - kennel cleaning, administering oral meds, kitten socialization, etc.) Based out of Culver City
  • KITTEN FOSTER PARENT (Provide a temporary home for kittens between the ages of 4-8 weeks old)
  • SPAY4LA VOLUNTEERS (Provide administrative and clinical support to our partner organization who offers low-cost spay/neuter) Based out of South LA
  • OFFICE & PROFESSIONAL VOLUNTEERS (Provide administrative or professional support at our main office located just outside of Marina Del Rey)