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Restored City Artworks in City Hall's Heritage Park

Updated: 02/13/2018

001La Ballona by May Sun

This artwork celebrates the importance of Ballona Creek to the original Culver City area inhabitants, the Tongva (or Gabrielinos).

The sea creature effigies have been refurbished and the steel fish hooks representing the Tongva's abalone shell hooks, have been recreated for the pool floor. Even the photographic images of Ballona Creek, 19th and 20th century versions, have been recreated in a new long-lasting material, while the bi-lingual bronze plaques facing Duquesne Avenue have been in-painted in bright green so they are now legible!

Panoramic by Barbara McCarren

This salute to the early film industry of Culver City has been refurbished. The original black and white film images of Culver City history that used to be viewed in situ but kept "melting" in the heat, will soon be able to be viewed on the City's website. So please check our website's ENJOY section from time to time.

Barbara McCarren also created the third artwork Quotation Courtyard with notable, timely and thought-provoking quotes by dignitaries from all over the world and throughout the centuries. These have been recreated on a much more durable material.

Little know fact: did you know that all the bricks in the artworks were re-purposed from the previous City Hall structure built in the 1920s?



  1. Updated: 02/13/2018