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2018 Pavement Rehabilitation Project Starts

by Helen Chin02/26/2018 10:00 AM
Updated: 02/28/2018

left turn jeffersonThe 2018 Pavement Rehabilitation Project will begin February 26, 2018  and is scheduled to be completed by June 2018!

The Culver City Public Works Department is repaving several of our residential and arterial streets as part of the Pavement Rehabilitation Project. The City’s pavement management system and expert recommendations determine which deteriorating streets will be resurfaced with new rubberized asphalt concrete.

The project will begin on February 26. The majority of paving work will be completed between March and April.

The following street segments are scheduled for repaving:

1.  Sepulveda Blvd. –Ballona Creek (City boundary) to Jefferson Blvd.

2.  Washington Place – Centinela Avenue to Grand View Boulevard

3.  Centinela Avenue – Washington Place to Washington Boulevard

4.  Harter Avenue – Washington Boulevard to PCC Pavement

5.  Center Street – Washington Boulevard to Culver Boulevard

6.  Virginia Avenue - Rhoda Way to Overland Avenue

7.  Studio Drive - Pickford Way to cul-de-sac

8.  Westwood Boulevard – Ocean Drive to Cota Street

9.  Fairbanks Way – Ocean Drive to Dobson Way

10.  Pickford Way – Ocean Drive to Studio Drive

11.  Pickford Way – Kinston Avenue to Dobson Way

12.  Glencoe Avenue – Zanja Street to Washington Boulevard

13.  Redwood Avenue – Washington Boulevard to southerly City boundary

14.  Redwood Avenue – Washington Boulevard to Zanja Street

15.  Selmaraine Drive – Jefferson Boulevard to Corryne Place

16. Zanja Street – Washington Place to northerly City boundary

17. Braddock Drive – Overland Avenue to Jackson Avenue

18. Vinton Avenue – Farragut Drive to Le Bourget Avenue

19. Ranch Road – Kelmore Street to Cranks Road

20. PCC Concrete Spot Repairs on Meier Street, Rosabell Street, and Oregon Avenue  

Street improvements are a part of the City of Culver City’s efforts to maintain and improve our facilities and infrastructure. This project is being partially funded by the Gas Tax Fund and a grant from the California Department of Resource Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) for using rubberized asphalt concrete on the project.

For more information, please contact Diana Szymanski, Associate Engineer, at (310) 253-5623 or via email at, or Victor Mercado of Annealta Group, construction inspector, at (714) 414-9489.

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  1. Updated: 02/28/2018