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The Engineering Division is responsible for residential parking permits, driveway/sidewalk permits, dumpster/street use permits, transportation permits, utilities and capital improvement projects.  

(310) 253-5600

7:30 am to 5:30 pm
(Closed every other Friday)

Maintenance Operations

Maintenance Operations is responsible for graffiti removal and maintenance of streets, trees, sewers, parking meters, streetlights and traffic signals.

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(310) 253-6420

EPO is responsible for street sweeping, trash, recycling, organics, and construction and demolition debris collection, stormwater management, environmental programs and sewer system management. 

Envs. Programs and Operations
(310) 253-6400

5:30am - 3:00pm
(Monday- Friday)

General Information
(310) 253-6415



The Division is responsible for residential parking permits, dumpster/street use permits, transportation permits, bicycle and pedestrian projects.  

(310) 253-5600


(310) 253-5636

Public Works

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Public Works is responsible for construction and maintenance and oversight of the City’s infrastructure.  Services provided include management of the City’s capital improvement program, permitting of utility and other work in the public right-of-way, development review including setting requirements for and inspection of related improvements to the public right-of-way, traffic engineering, street parking (including the residential permit parking program), parking meters, street and sidewalk maintenance, street tree maintenance, sewer maintenance, municipal building maintenance, traffic signs and signal operation and maintenance, graffiti removal, residential and commercial refuse and recycling collection and disposal, street sweeping, and storm water pollution prevention program. 

Charles D. Herbertson, P.E., L.S., Public Works Director / City Engineer

Engineering Division - Mate Gaspar, Engineering Services Manager

Maintenance Operations - Eric Mirzaian, Maintenance Operations Manager

Environmental Programs & Operations (EPO) - Kim Braun, Environment Programs & Operations Manager

Mobility & Transportation Engineering - Heba El-Guindy, Mobility & Transportation Engineering Manager

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Bye Bye Mattress

by Helen Chin07/16/2018 12:00 AM
Updated: 11/30/2018

Bye Bye Mattress

Culver City has joined the Bye Bye Mattress program making recycling mattresses easier than ever. The program is a mattress recycling program operating in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Established by law and operated by the Mattress Recycling Council, a nonprofit that uses a recycling fee collected on each mattress and box spring sold.

Whether a city picks up your discarded mattress, a retailer takes it back with your new purchase or you drop it off, the Bye Bye Mattress program converts your old product from waste to recycling. As a result, our landfills and incinerators are less crowded as old mattresses are recycled into new, useful products.

Culver City started a proactive approach by providing a pickup service of mattresses found illegally dumped along the streets as well as an easy call in service for residents to have their mattresses picked up for removal at curbside. If a resident has a mattress to pick up or sees a mattress illegal dumped on the side of the road, they may call in to Customer Service at (310) 253-6400 to have the item picked up. Culver City bulky item crews are also on the lookout as they are working to pick up discarded mattresses and reducing blight in our community.

Since the launch of the Culver City mattress pickup program last July 2017 by the Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations (PW-EPO), an average of 61 mattresses a month have been recycled. These mattresses and box springs have been recycled for the production of new items, such as appliances, building and industrial materials, and textiles instead of ending up in the landfill.

Culver City’s Mattress Recycling Program, in coordination with Bye Bye Mattress through the Mattress Recycling Council, unwanted mattresses and box spring foundations are picked up, sorted and loaded into trailers by Culver City staff at the Transfer Station. After the items are loaded up a dedicated mattress recycler picks them up from the City to be recycled.

If you are replacing a mattress and getting a new one, California applies a small disposal fee to every mattress purchase to cover the cost of recycling those old units.  If your new mattress units are being delivered, residents can also have the retailer pick up the old ones at the same time at no additional cost.  

The Culver City mattress pickup program is a great success for Culver City.  With the average weight of mattresses at roughly 50 lbs., nearly 18 tons of material was diverted from the landfill in the first year.  

Read about CalRecycle’s First Annual report on Bye Bye Mattress program here.

bye bye mattress picture


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