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Clean Air Day is on October 2nd

by Shelly Wolfberg09/27/2019 12:00 AM
Updated: 09/27/2019
Bird in the sky

About Clean Air Day

When it comes to air pollution, we can all do our part. Whether you’re an individual, business, government agency or nonprofit organization, there are things we all can do to improve air quality and protect public health. In a state with some of the worst air pollution in the United States, it is imperative that we do.

California Clean Air Day is built on the idea that shared experiences unite people to action to improve our community health. By joining together for a unified day of action we can create new habits to clear the air for all members of California’s diverse communities.  On September 23rd, the City Council passed a Resolution in support for and declaration of Clean Air Day on October 2, 2019.

California Clean Air Day is a project of the Coalition for Clean Air.

Clean Air Day Activities in Culver City

Clean Air Day Rain Garden Bike Tour

The City will be hosting a bike tour throughout the community to share more about the City's rain gardens. Rain gardens are beautiful and important landscape features that capture and filter rainwater runoff. Please bring your bike, helmet, and safety gear to participate. Participants will sign waivers.

October 2nd: 9 AM - 11 AM    
Location: Meet at the Lower Level of Botts Field
Duquesne Avenue and Jefferson Boulevard, Culver City

International Walk and Bike to School Day

Join Linwood Howe Elementary School students as they Dance Walk they way to school in their own unique version of International Walk to School Day! Linwood Howe, along with other CCUSD schools, will be joining thousands of schools around the country in this annual celebration of active transportation.

October 2nd: 8 AM - 8:45 AM    
Location: City Hall
9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver City

What you can do

 plants and front door

Plant Something

  • Plant a home garden
  • Plant a tree
  • Plant an indoor plant in your office and/or home
Reduce Vehicle Emissions

Leave your car at home by:

  • Telecommuting
  • Walking, biking or riding a scooter to work/school
  • Taking public transit such as Culver CityBus
  • Bringing a lunch to work or walking to lunch
  • Don't idle your engine
  • Switch from an old gas-guzzler car to a hybrid or zero-emission vehicle
  • Take a carpool when ride hailing

 bicycle and wings mural on wall

 hand on towel in soapy water

Switch it out

  • Change your home air filter
  • Change your car cabin air filter
  • Replace gas-powered yard tools with electric- or hand-powered tools
  • Switch to using natural all-purpose cleaner only
  • Make all online purchases in one order each week