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The City of Culver City has been increasingly using social media and email to keep the community updated on what your City government is doing.

For future updates, we welcome you to connect with us via social media and email so you can view this information on a daily basis. You are also welcome to contact individual City Departments if you have specific questions about City programs and services.

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Riveropolis in Culver City

Updated: 11/14/2019

Riveropolis made a splash when it came to Culver City in early October. Gregory Gavin, the artist behind Riveropolis, was invited by the City to bring his Social Play, Science & Design River to the community. It provided children, adults, and families an opportunity to learn about waterways, buoyancy, currents, gravity, waterfalls, and boat building. 

Read a summary of the event

Watch the video by Hailey Gavin of Riveropolis at the Art Walk & Roll Festival

Riveropolis in Culver City

  1. Updated: 11/14/2019