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The City is limited to posting locally-held events for Culver City community and non-profit organizations.  Your request will be reviewed by the appropriate person, and upon approval, it will be posted on the City's Community Calendar.

Global Awareness Luncheon

Shaping Our Future: Global Citizenship in an Era of Disinformation

RAND's research on Truth Decay highlights a frightening trend - "a diminishing role of facts and analysis in American public life." Driven in part by a lack of civic education and training in critical thinking, this phenomenon poses dangers to our global society.

How can we be engaged global citizens in an era of disinformation? Join us for a critical conversation on the importance of civic education and media literacy, and learn how we can shape our future as proactive contributors to the world.

Hear perspectives from Charles Quigley, Executive Director, The Center for Civic Education; Alissa Irion-Groth, Director of Program Administration, The Center for Civic Education; Sue Thotz, Senior Program Manager, Common Sense Media; and Dr. Alison Trope, Clinical Professor of Communications and Director of The Critical Media Project, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

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