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Crossed Currents


Culver City’s Art in Public Places Program was established by ordinance in 1988, with the view that cultural and artistic resources:

  • Enhance the quality of life for individuals living and working within a city; and,

  • Preserve and improve the quality of the urban environment, increase real property values, and have a positive economic impact.

By engaging the urban landscape, Culver City’s Art in Public Places Program brings the experience of art to a broad and diverse group of people. The goal of the program is to balance the community’s physical growth and revitalization with its cultural and artistic resources, resulting in improving the general welfare of the City, and increasing the availability of art to the public.

To date, there are over 100 individual artworks included in Culver City’s Art in Public Places Program. Approximately half are on private property and the other half on public (City) owned property.

  • Additional Address Information(Also 3827 and 3833 Huron Avenue)
Underlying Currents by Julio Sims, 2010
Ceramic tiles
650 sq. feet
3823, 3827, 3833 Huron Avenue

The tiles repeating tile pattern in Underlying Currents references water, the human body, wood grain, and the raked stone ground of Japanese Zen gardens. Located at the entrance to three buildings of a residential development each section is glazed to complement the color of its respective building. The tiles bring a rhythmic, organic element to the property. Mr. Sims stated that the project "acknowledges the context of an urban neighborhood transitioning toward re-development by providing a beautiful, yet thought provoking element meant to stand the test of time."


Mr. Sims is a highly decorated Los Angeles based artist who has over 20 years of experience. He has art pieces and exhibitions throughout Southern California as well as numerous projects across the United States.



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