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Show Us the Food Waste!

Post Date:01/18/2018

Green Waste

Automated Green Carts Accepting Food Waste

In neighborhoods all over Culver City, the residential automated green cart can be used for food waste. To divert usable material from the landfill the City encourages residents to include food waste in their green bin for collection.  Encouraging people to use the green bin for food waste, and not just yard waste, is a great way to capture food waste and divert more from the landfills.

Why the Change?

Thanks to our conscientious Culver City residents, the City’s green bin program has been successful in diverting green yard waste from the landfill. Introducing food waste to the cart is the next level of diverting organics (food scraps) from the landfill. The City is offering pails for purchase that can be placed on the counter for containment of food waste until you are ready to place it into the compost bin or in the city green cart. We suggest using a newspaper, or BPI-certified compostable liner to help keep food waste from sticking to your pail. Residents can purchase kitchen counter pails from Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations. To purchase, please call (310) 253-6423. The cost is $10; cash or check only. Checks must be made payable to the City of Culver City, and the price is subject to change. Hint: Collect your food waste in a liner and put it in the freezer, if you are concerned about smells or fruit flies. Residents can place the yard waste with organics in the green bin, but should consider grasscycling and/or using a backyard composter if space permits. Grasscycling means you leave mowed grass on the lawn to decompose. It releases valuable nutrients back into the soil!


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