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Save the Date: Too Toxic to Trash - February 23, 2019

Drive Up, Drop off and drive away event. The easiest way to dispose of all your Household Hazardous Waste.

Post Date:12/14/2018 8:58 AM

Hazardous Waste in the home is commonly referred to as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). Improper DISPOSAL of Hazardous waste is dangerous and ILLEGAL.

HHW generally includes products with toxic ingredients or components which require special disposal to prevent pollution to waterways, groundwater, air and soil, as well as to prevent poisoning or otherwise endangering humans, pets or wildlife. Many of the products we use for cleaning, painting, gluing, automotive repair, pool and lawn maintenance fall into this category, as do medications and electronic components. 

Household hazardous waste does not include industrial waste or construction debris which must be disposed according to specialized regulations and are not accepted at drop-off events.

Remember, it is dangerous and illegal to place any ewaste like computers, tv’s and oil wastes, dangerous substances or hazardous material for garbage collection. Check out Culver City HHW video   You can also call our Customer Service at (310) 253- 6400 to get information about drop events Monday thru Friday 8am-3pm.

Too Toxic to Trash Canapy

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