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Expo to Downtown Bicycle Connector Project

Public Workshop for Expo to Downtown Bicycle Connector Project on January 7, 2017 at 10 AM–12 PM

As part of its efforts to become a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly place, the City of Culver City is considering building a protected bike lane along Washington Boulevard from Wesley to Ince in order to provide a safe, family-friendly connection for bike riders traveling from the Expo Line Station to Downtown Culver City. A public workshop has been scheduled for Saturday, January 7th at 10:00 AM in the Patacchia Room of City Hall to hear from residents, business owners, and other stakeholders along the corridor. The City invites all interested persons to attend.

What is a protected bike lane?

A protected bike lane is a relatively new type of bike lane in the United States that is very common in European cities. Protected bike lanes separate bike riders from moving traffic with a physical barrier, such as a curb, bollards, planters, or parked cars. Local examples include Broadway in Long Beach, Reseda Boulevard and Los Angeles Street in Los Angeles, and Rosemead Boulevard in Temple City. If approved, this project would be the first protected bike lane in Culver City.

What changes are being considered for Washington Boulevard?

In order to accommodate a protected bike lane on Washington Boulevard, the City is considering changes to the street including turn lanes, driveway access, parking, and traffic signals. The project may require additional right-of-way in limited locations.

How can I find out more information?

Interested stakeholders should attend the public workshop on January 7th to see conceptual project plans and provide input to the Culver City Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

The City’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, Eric Bruins, can be reached at (310) 253-5616 or

A two way protected bike lane.


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