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City Council to Consider Adoption of Leaf Blower Noise and Sale Ordinance

gardener-worker-gardening-machinery-162564The City Council will consider adopting an ordinance that modifies Chapter §9.04.015 of the Culver City Municipal Code - Prohibited Public Nuisance Conditions on Real Property to prohibit the sale and use of leaf blowers with noise levels exceeding 65 decibels.  The proposed ordinance will become effective five years after its adoption to provide time for existing leaf blowers to deplete their useful life.

WHEN: Monday, October 23, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Mike Balkman Council Chambers at City Hall 9770 Culver Boulevard in Culver City, CA.

The agenda and related items are currently available at:

Note: The above link is a direct connection to meeting agendas for all Culver City meeting bodies. If you do not see the link to the meeting you wish to view, please use the drop­down menus to select the year and then the body for the agenda(s) you wish to view.


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