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Culver City is a City of Kindness!


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Kindness: A Culver City Value

Every kind act brings us one step closer to creating a kinder Culver City and a kinder world. Through big and small acts, we can cultivate a kinder environment through our own efforts and goodwill for others. Engaging in volunteer service and compassionate, selfless acts are perfect ways to get the cycle of kindness started!

The City of Culver City is committed to achieving its goals set out in the 2016-2021 City Council Strategic Plan adopted by the City Council on November 14, 2016. Goal Number Six of this plan is to enhance the City’s reputation as a City of Kindness by creating a coalition of individuals, organizations, and City officials to work together and inspire kindness in Culver City. By implementing a kindness strategy within City Government, conducting outreach to schools, organizations and businesses, and officially becoming a “City of Kindness” with the help of City of Kindness, Culver City can make great strides in enhancing its reputation as a city that both values and exemplifies kindness.

How to Promote Kindness

Acting in a kind manner in our everyday encounters contributes greatly to achieving a City of Kindness. Offering help to others, complimenting those around you, giving a gift to a friend, showing appreciation for a loved one, volunteering your time, money or skills for a good cause, or simply sharing a smile with someone are great ways to spread kindness within Culver City and beyond.


There are countless ways to get involved with others in the Culver City community who share the passion of advocating kindness.

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Acts of Kindness in our Community

We have this hanging on the wall in our living room...hopefully a helpful reminder that we have lots of choices to make every day...and we need to do our best to make them good ones 😍 Thought this group would appreciate it too... --Michelle

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Today was a great day. A Pay It Forward day... long story short- Culver Hotel purchased gingerbread villages for Lin Howe's annual gingerbread night - something our Owner Maya graciously does every year. Bed Bath & Beyond had some sort of issue with shipping so they did not get here and were a couple of weeks missing. So- BB&B said they would just send them out again since they had no idea where in the world they were- lost in transit. They sent me 145 additional kits of our 250 kit order again. They said if the other kits showed up to just keep them - they did not have to be returned as they did not know if they would ever show up! Luck would have it that on National Giving Day we would learn that the kits missing were found and delivered in addition to the second order. This left us with 145 extra kits. So we donated all of them to the Backpacks for Kids program. Could not have worked out any better.... ---Kathy



The Culver Studios donates $3,600 to Backpacks covering our expenses for the rest of the year!  At a recent neighborhood holiday event, Michael Hackman, The Culver Studios owner, gave Backpacks this generous donation instead of handing out swag bags and party favors to the 200 Culver City family members who attended. Thank you The Culver Studios for being an active community participant!   The Backpacks program now feeds 160 students, a long way from the 50 we started with in 2013.  Want to find out more about the program that ends weekend food uncertainty in Culver City public schools? --Jamie


Created this at a pottery studio. --Jim



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Learn More about the Kindness Movement

Check out City of Kindness for inspiration to see how others around the nation are incorporating kindness into their everyday lives to make their communities kinder places to live.

About the City of Kindness Initiative

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City of Kindness is a coalition of organizations working to inspire kindness around the world through partnerships with organizations and cities across the nation. Spreading and promoting kindness through its Kindness Counter, City of Kindness inspires individuals to be kind and volunteer minded. These goals intimately align with the City of Culver City’s efforts to enhance kindness throughout our community.

For more information about the City of Kindness movement in Culver City, please contact Shelly Wolfberg, Assistant to the City Manager via email or by calling (310) 253-6000.







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