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10858 Culver Boulevard

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For over 40 years, the City of Culver City has provided various veterans organizations a City-owned building for a $1/year lease at 10858 Culver Boulevard. In return, the lessee, AMVETS, agreed to maintain the building. On numerous occasions over the past several years, the City notified AMVETS of its need to make repairs to the building, including those related to earthquake and fire safety. To date, AMVETS has not been able to properly address the property's structural and non-structural deficiencies.  Additionally, the City has recently learned that AMVETS has allowed the building to be used for children’s dance classes without the permission of the City.

AMVETS has now been given 30 days to correct the violations which will be its final opportunity to meet its obligations and to protect health, welfare and safety of those using the building.  If it does not do so within the time allotted, the lease will have to be terminated. Alternatively, the City has offered to immediately relocate AMVETS board meetings to another City facility at no cost. The City has also offered temporary alternative space for the children’s dance classes so they could continue without interruption while they look for new space.

The City appreciates the work that AMVETS has done and has welcomed the opportunity to support its efforts for the past many years. Nevertheless, the continuing deterioration of the building requires that action be taken to protect the public and all those who use the building.


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