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2019 Pavement Rehabilitation Project to Begin January 2019


Notice of Road Construction distributed by the Contractor inadvertently did not have the dates listed on when the grind and overlay will occur.  New notices with grind/pace dates will be re-issued prior to these activities. Our apologizes for any this may have caused. The City has mailed notices with approximate dates of when the grind and paving will occur.

The 2019 Pavement Rehabilitation Project will begin January 14 , 2019  and is scheduled to be completed by July 2019!

The Culver City Public Works Department is repaving Overland Avenue between Washington Blvd and Jefferson Blvd as part of the Pavement Rehabilitation Project. The City’s pavement management system and expert recommendations determine which deteriorating streets will be resurfaced with new rubberized asphalt concrete.

The project will begin on January 14. The majority of the grinding and paving work will be completed between mid-February through mid-March.

The Contractor will provide notification to the affected businesses and residents with the schedule dates of construction. A timeline of construction activities is outlined below, weather permitting.

Mid - January- February:  Concrete Sidewalk, Curb Ramp, Curb, Gutter and Driveway Repairs. Removal and repaving of the north leg of Overland/Jefferson Median. Median extension on Overland Ave at Oregon Ave. Localized repair of asphalt pavement along Overland Ave. Sections of lanes along Overland Ave may be closed for periods of time as work is being completed.

February – March: Grinding and repaving of Overland Avenue from Washington Blvd to Jefferson Blvd.

Late March: Localized repair of asphalt pavement along Culver Blvd. Sections of lanes along Culver Blvd may be closed for periods of time as work is being completed.

June: New Traffic Poles will be installed at Overland Ave / Sony / Palm Ctr. & Overland Ave / Jefferson Blvd

Street improvements are a part of the City of Culver City’s efforts to maintain and improve our facilities and infrastructure. This project is being partially funded by the Gas Tax Fund and a grant from the California Department of Resource Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) for using rubberized asphalt concrete on the project.

For more information, please contact Chuck Stagner, Interwest Group at (714) 925-4628 or call and/or email Diana Szymanski, Associate Engineer at (310) 253-5623.


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