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Interim Rent Control Measures

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On August 12, 2019, interim rent control measures went into effect for a 12-month period in Culver City.

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Rent Cap

  • For all rental units in Culver City built on or before February 1, 1995 (except as noted), there is now a rent cap of 3% above the rent that was in place on June 11, 2019.

  • The City rent cap does not apply to rental units first occupied after February 1, 1995.

  • The City rent cap does not apply to single-family-homes, separately owned condos & townhouses, owner-occupied mobile homes, or Section 8 housing.

  • The State has a complementary rental cap of 5% plus local inflation or 10%. That State cap applies to buildings over 15 years old.  


Call the Housing Division at (310) 253-5782 if you have questions about the legality of your eviction or to see if you’re eligible for relocation assistance. Llame a la División de Vivienda al (310) 253-5790 si necesita información en Español.

  • “For cause” and “no-fault” grounds are required for evictions.

  • Relocation assistance (three times monthly rent, plus $1,000) may be available for no-fault evictions.

  • From now until August 2020, the City Council will study whether these and/or other rent control measures should become permanent.

Tenant Resources

Tenant Forms and Documents

Landlord Resources

Residential Rental Registry and Rent Registration Certificate: A New Requirement for Landlords

The Interim Rent Control Ordinance requires all landlords to register with the City by April 30, 2020. An online registration system is expected to be in place by the end of September 2019. Landlords who wish to register before the online registration system is available may use the Residential Rental Registration Form. After receipt of a completed form, the City will issue the landlord a Rent Registration Certificate for each unit. The Certificate must be served on the tenant or displayed in a conspicuous place. Instructions on how to complete the Residential Rental Registration Form can be found on the form itself. 

Rent Control Notice: A Required Posting

All landlords must post the Interim Rent Control Ordinance Notice in a conspicuous location in the common area, at the entry or entries to the building or units, or other similar location or locations as necessary to provide tenants a reasonable opportunity to view the notice, at all properties where a Rent Registration Certificate is required.  The one page form is written in both English and Spanish and provides tenants with information about Rent Control in Culver City.

Landlord Forms and Documents

Additional Resources

Latest Update (12/20/2019):

Guideline/Rule No. 2019-02 regarding the landlord petition hearing process was issued by the Community Development Director on December 19, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions 

An updated list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is now available (revised 08/28/19 to update FAQ #21; revised 09/23/19 to update FAQ #25). These FAQs reflect questions regarding the urgency ordinance that was adopted at the August 12, 2019 City Council meeting.  Spanish Translation of the FAQs are available now.  

History and Next Steps

At its meeting of August 12, 2019, the City Council adopted an urgency ordinance establishing interim rent control measures for a 12-month period. “Last night the City Council took an important step to protect tenants while we discuss long-term solutions addressing displacement & soaring rent prices in Culver City. Without this measure, no fair and meaningful dialogue can happen: many residents have already reached out to us with eviction notices and extreme rent hikes since this issue was first publicly discussed. I’m confident that over this year, we can work together as a community to come up with common sense measures that balance the needs of our tenants and our landlords, to provide the housing stability we so desperately need," said Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells

A summary of the key provisions of the Ordinance include:

  • A 3% rent cap on rental units, excluding single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, owner-occupied mobile homes, Section 8 housing, and all rental units with a certificate of occupancy or equivalent issued after February 1, 1995;

  • The rent cap shall apply to rents in effect as of June 11, 2019;

  • A petition process for landlords to request relief from the rent cap in certain circumstances;

  • For cause and no fault grounds required for evictions; and

  • Relocation assistance (triggered by a no fault eviction) in the amount of three times the monthly rent, plus $1,000.

During the 12-month interim period, City Council directed staff to further study and analyze whether a permanent rent control program is warranted.  Such study will include, but not be limited to:

  • Peer jurisdiction rent control and tenant protection programs;

  • Rental market analysis (including impacts of current rent cap on “mom and pop” landlords and renovation thresholds that may constitute grounds for no-fault evictions);

  • Rent control/tenant protection program administration;

  • Landlord and tenant grievances;

  • Hearing and due process procedures; and

  • Staffing and costs.

The City Council further directed staff to return to the next City Council meeting with an outline of the public outreach that will be conducted during the 12-month period.

Additional Information

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If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail the Housing Division at or call (310) 253-5790.

If you are looking for information about landlord-tenant mediation, please visit the Landlord-Tenant Mediation Board webpage.


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