Discuss the Community’s Traffic Concerns & Funding Road Improvements

Published on April 22, 2021

Map of the notification area around Overland Ave, Jefferson Blvd, Summertime Lane to Kinston Ave and Whitburn St.

Join us on May 6th to discuss the community’s traffic concerns and the recent grant award for funding road improvements. 

In late 2020, the Mobility & Traffic Engineering Division was asked to consider the installation of a guard rail along the westerly side of Overland Avenue, south of Freshman Drive. This request illustrates the residents’ concern over roadway-departure type collisions as southbound motorists travel along to curved section of Overland Avenue. 

This virtual community meeting is proposed to:

  • Listen to the community’s traffic operation and safety concerns in more details;
  • Share available traffic volume and collisions data;
  • Share standard requirements for consideration of guard rails;
  • Share information on the City bikeways approved by City Council in June 2020;
  • Share information on recent grant award from the State Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) to fund the installation of high friction surface treatment on the subject segment of Overland Avenue, as a countermeasure to address roadway-departures.  This is in addition to other signing and marking improvements; and,
  • Discuss future steps and seek community’s input.

Please join us for this important virtual conversation to share your views.

Register to attend the virtual meeting.


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