Culver City Chamber Orchestra - Salute to Frontline Workers

Published on September 22, 2021

Culver City Chamber Orchestra

Culver City Chamber Orchestra


Cello Mania: Salute to Frontline Workers

Watch the full concert now on YouTube.

Arlette Cárdenes

Alisha Bauer
Hope Easton
Judy Kang
Leah Metzler
Lazlo Mezo
Garik Terzian
Billy Tobenkin
Maksim Velichkin

Recorded at A Very Good Space studio in Van Nuys, CA

Group of cello players

"This concert is dedicated to the frontline workers in Culver City, and all of California, who have worked so hard and who have sacrificed so much for all of us to survive this pandemic. This music depicts the tragedy of so many lives taken and the victory of a resolution through medical science," said Conductor Arlette Cárdenes. 























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