Meeting about the Temporary Redesign of Overland/Kelmore/Ranch

Published on February 25, 2021

Temporary redesign of the intersection of Ranch/Kelmore/Overland

Purpose of the ATP Quick-Build grant is to fund temporary, easy to deploy improvements that enhance multi-modal traffic safety and operations.  The demonstration period of about one year aims to allow for a review and fine tuning of the design and for additional community consultation.  Your input at our virtual community meetings and during the temporary trial, will serve to improve the concept to be demonstrated, and ultimately, the final design and construction that will be the product of our collective collaboration.

All recommended improvements will be discussed during the upcoming March 4th meeting.  To create the temporary intersection redesign, the City proposes to establish high visibility crosswalks, replace the existing stop signs with LED-enhanced stop signs, install two additional streetlights, and install delineators and apply decorative pavement markings in the new temporary island.  Consideration can also be given to the use of planter boxes equipped with irrigation and sized not to impact sight lines to be placed in the temporary island.  All improvements will be maintained by the City during the trial period.

The Quick Build temporary redesign is anticipated to enhance visibility and safety conditions for all intersection users, while preserving existing parking and beautifying the gateway to/from the Culver Crest Neighborhood.  Please join us in this follow-up virtual meeting.  Your continued input is desired and welcome, as the temporary implementation will help inform the final design and subsequent construction of the redesigned intersection.

Register to attend the virtual meeting, by visiting the Meetings & Agendas page and clicking on the “Register to Attend” tab, and selecting the meeting. 

If you have any comments or questions about the information in this Courtesy Notice, please contact, or by calling at (310) 253-5628.


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