The artwork, a functional sculpture in the form of an entry and site fence, visually enhances the environment and provokes thought, conversation, and interaction. The sculpture is a metaphor for the creative energy of the architectural office within, and strives to inspire and energize through the power of texts and words, reflecting the nature of the creative process.

Tom Farrage, a Californian by birth, studied art and music at Orange Coast College, attended architecture school in Santa Monica and Lugano, Switzerland, at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIArc) where he received a professional degree in 1985. Specializing in the conceptualization, design development, and fabrication of unique and artistically-demanding projects, he works primarily in metal, but has also constructed projects in wood, plastic, and glass. His clientele consists mainly of architects and firms as well as artists. His work has been widely published by leading international art and architecture magazines.

"The need to create art has followed me through my life. From the isolated desert where I was raised, through my days as a migrant worker traveling with the harvests through many southwestern states, while attending Orange Coast College, where I majored in art, music, printmaking ,sculpting, and jewelry making. I was fortunate to attend an architecture school that focused on art as a point of departure, and now as a craftsman and artist."


Morphosis Architects

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