Planning Documents

Culver City General Plan

The Culver City General Plan is the umbrella document that allows the City to plan for future development. The General Plan’s intent is to provide the City’s goals for development and the built environment, establish land use ground rules, provide the basis for development approvals, and to provide the public the opportunity to participate in the City’s planning process. Every City document regulating the built environment, including the zoning code, general plan elements, goals and policies, has to be consistent with the General Plan, as do all development decisions by the City.

 General Plan Map(PDF, 1002KB)  - The map, which is part of the General Plan, and delineates the boundaries of land uses further defined by the City's Zoning Code.

Culver City Zoning Code

The Culver City Municipal Code Title 17 (Zoning) is the local law which contains detailed standards and procedures to implement the general plan. The ordinance divides the City into various zoning districts with different land uses permitted in each district. Zoning establishes regulations governing lot size, building bulk, placement, and other development standards. Requirements very from district to district, but they must be uniform within districts.

Zoning Map(PDF, 2MB)  - The map, which is part of the Zoning Ordinance, and delineates the boundaries of zone districts.

Residential Neighborhood Design Guidelines

These Multi-Family Neighborhood Residential Design Guidelines are intended to encourage new residential projects to be compatible with, maintain the integrity, and to preserve the unique character and best features of each neighborhood by promoting desirable design qualities, guiding change in ways that are compatible with the existing neighborhood development pattern, and respecting the diversity and vitality of the neighborhood.

Gateway Adjacent Neighborhood Design Guidelines(PDF, 8MB)

Gateway Neighborhood Design Guidelines(PDF, 5MB)

Residential Parkway Guidelines(PDF, 16MB)

Planning Applications & Forms

Planning Updates & Handouts