Expedited Solar Permits

Expedited Electronic Submittal Process for Solar Photovoltaic Installations up to 10kW in One and Two Family Dwellings

Electronic Permitting Process Overview

Project Submittal:

  • Choose from either Single Central Inverter or Single String of MicroInverters Photovoltaic Options
  • Agree to all Eligibility Checklist requirements
  • Complete application, forms and documents ahead of time
  • Attach project component specifications and documents
  • Submit electronically to the City

Project Permitting and Inspection:

  • Culver City Building Safety will process and review application documents and email a permit and approved plans
  • Request a final inspection
  • Have a hard copy of the approved plans and a field representative present on the day of inspection 


Documents and Forms to Complete and Attach to Submittal 

Permitting Documents:

  • Completed Solar PV Permit Eligibility Checklist Requirements
  • Completed Solar PV Permit Application
  • Completed Solar PV Standard Plan
  • Project component specifications and documents

Project Documents:

  • All supporting documentation as requested under the Culver City Checklist for Expedited Solar Photovoltaic Permitting for One and Two Family Dwellings
  • Roof mounting manufacturer’s product specification/installation sheets
  • PV system manufacturer’s specification sheets for listed solar modules; inverter; J-boxes; disconnects and any other system components making up the PV design
  • Documentation from Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for the fire classification of the PV module and rail assembly showing that together they create a Class A fire rating 

Choose a Photovoltaic Option to Continue:  

Standard Plan #1
Simplified Central/String Inverter Systems

Standard Plan #2
Simplified Microinverter and ACM Systems