Apply for the Nighttime Safe Park Parking Permit Program

Are you currently living in your vehicle and looking to connect to longer term housing solutions? The Culver City's Nighttime Safe Park Program could provide some interim relief for the time being.

This Program aims to provide a safe and comfortable place for people who are experiencing homelessness and living in their cars to safely park their cars at night.


Step 1.Online Interest Form 

Please complete this online interest form. We will keep your answers confidential.

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Step 2.We will contact you for an interview

If you are currently living outside Culver City, please indicate this in your application.

Who who eligible for this program?
Individuals who are 18 years and older, drives an operational vehicle, and completes and passes a background check.

Can I park my RV/camper?
Unfortunately, not in the program currently. The City facilities do not have the necessary requirements to allow RV/campers to dump their tanks and refill.

How long is the program for? 
Since each individual's situation is unique, the participant will work with St. Joseph's Center to figure out an individual housing and shelter plan.

Can I bring my dog? 
Yes. However, your dog should stay on-leash when it is outside of the vehicle.