Youth Mentoring Employment Program

Welcome to the Youth Mentoring Employment Program of the City of Culver City. The Youth Mentoring Employment Program is dedicated to helping at-risk youth between the ages of 14 – 24 that reside in the City of Culver City. It is a short- term program aimed at teaching “at-risk” youth marketable skills and basic work ethics.

Youth Mentoring Employment Program Contact Information & City Job Announcements

A listing of the current jobs offered by the City of Culver City and information to get you started on finding a job. 

Summer Youth Employment Requirements:

  • Must be a Culver City resident
  • Must be at least age 14 by July 1st
  • Cannot be older than 24 by July 1st
  • Job Placement will be within a City of Culver City Department
  • Must fit in the criteria of an at-risk youth (definition of at-risk See Below)
  • Applications accepted on Tuesday - Thursday between 3:30PM - 5:30PM  We have extended the deadline to April 30, 2019; otherwise call for an appointment.  

How to apply for the Youth Employment Programs:

  • Please contact the Youth Employment Office (310) 253-6675 to inquire about application deadlines.
  • Pick up an application from the Youth Employment Office
  • Turn in the following information to the Youth Employment Office:
  • Application (only 1 application per person)
  • Social Security Card (signed)
  • Photo Identification (Driver’s license, Government issued ID or School ID)
  • Resident Alien Card (If you need one)
  • Youth Mentoring Checklist
  • Completed Youth Mentoring Application
  • Completed City of Culver City Application
  • Copy of birth certificate (will copy original if necessary)
  • Utility bill, [with your last name on it], driver’s license or any legal doc. with matching name and address




Please read through the information carefully and if you have questions please contact Arames White - Shearin at (310) 253-6675.