Bike Share In Culver City Area

Metro Bike Share Coming To Culver City In 2018


In March 2017, the City of Culver City released a Bike Share Feasibility Study evaluating the costs and benefits of bringing bike share to Culver City. The report recommends partnering with Metro and the City of Los Angeles to implement a smart bike system throughout Culver City and the nearby Los Angeles neighborhoods of Palms, Mar Vista, Del Rey, and Playa Vista. The recommended 620-bike system would serve 140,000 residents and 100,000 employees in a 12.2-square-mile service area spanning from Lincoln Boulevard to La Cienega Boulevard.

Bike Share is ideal for trips that are between a half mile and three miles—those that are too long to walk but too short to drive. These short trips to the store, to school, to work, to the park, and other local destinations are about half of the trips most people take on a normal day. A Bike Share system lets a customer check out a bike in one location and check it back in at his or her destination, without having to return to the point of origin.

Some of the potential benefits of a Bike Share system include:

  • Reducing the need to use or own a car
  • Health benefits from increased physical activity
  • More investment in bicycle infrastructure and safety measures
  • Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to transportation
  • Promoting tourism and economic development by increasing local mobility

In September 2019, City Council directed staff to work with Metro to negotiate an agreement for Metro Bike Share.

For more information about the proposed bike share system, download the full Bike Share Feasibility Study report(PDF, 4MB).