Container, Bin & Roll Off Rentals

Culver City provides the following Container, Bin, and Construction and Demolition Roll-Off Rental options to assist contractors, businesses or residents to dispose of excess debris and/or construction and demolition debris. This is a Franchised Service. Therefore, container drop off, delivery, and service is through Culver City's Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations Division. No other hauler may provide service in Culver City (Culver City Municipal Code Chapter 5.01 Solid Waste Management). 



Step 1.Will the dumpster need to be on the street?  

Fill out and submit the Dumpster Street Use Permit(PDF, 947KB). Please ensure permit is filled out at least two weeks in advance prior to ordering container. Once permit has been approved, you can order a roll-off dumpster or bin. 

Step 2.Order Roll-Off Dumpster or Bin

Call the customer service department at (310) 253-6400 from 7am to 3pm, Monday through Friday. 

Step 3.Bin Delivery  

If bin is available, delivery is usually within one to three working days.

Bin Fees

Refer to the Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022 Refuse Rates

Street Use Fees

  • Issuance fee - $50
  • Parking space use fee Downtown - $11/space/day
  • Parking space use fee outside of Downtown - $8/space/day
  • Signs (2 min) - $4.25 each
  • Technology Surcharge (4%)

Small Clean Up Jobs

  • The City offers 2 & 3 cubic yard bins.
  • These bins are primarily used for household waste or yard waste. 
  • The container must be placed on the property and rolled to the street when necessary. 

For Larger Clean Up or Construction Projects

  • The City offers 8 to 40 cubic yard roll off containers.
  • Roll off containers that need to be placed in the street requires a Dumpster Street Use Permit(PDF, 947KB)  from the Engineering Division. A Dumpster Street Use Permit must be issued prior to container delivery. 
  • Special 8 cubic yard lowboy containers are only available for dirt, concrete or asphalt collection.

Additional Special Services Available at an Additional Charge

  • On-Call Service - Customers can request trash pick-up as needed.
  • Extra Pick-up - You can order an extra pick-up if scheduled service is inadequate.
  • Bin Pullout - A bin must be pulled onto the street if access is more than 25 feet away from service or the bin is located in an underground garage.
  • Locks - Locking bins are provided upon request for a small additional fee.