Sustainability Subcommittee

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      Council Member Goran Eriksson                    Council Member Daniel Lee

                 Council Member Göran Eriksson                                     Council Member Daniel Lee


The goal of the Sustainability Subcommittee is to guide policy decisions regarding sustainability issues while considering long-term impacts to the natural environment and the economic and physical well-being of Culver City residents and community. 

The City Council Subcommittee on Sustainability (Subcommittee) was officially formed in 2006 in response to a growing call for the City to address matters of environmental sustainability, resource conservation, land use and open space, while also addressing the economic viability, public health, and educational engagement needs of the community.  Prior to the formation of the Subcommittee, the City was already spearheading green practices and achieving major environmental milestones. 

The Subcommittee, along with staff, partner organizations, and City businesses and residents strive to collaborate to form policies that make Culver City a leader in sustainability. 

Read more about the City's efforts in water conservation and recycling and waste management. Learn how the City cares for trees and maintains the urban forest. Follow along as the City implements active transportation plans through bicycle and pedestrian initiatives. Read staff's response to concerns about noise and emissions from leaf blowers. Learn more about how the Sustainable Business Certification Program works with local Culver City businesses to implement best practices and policies that reduce energy use, conserve water, reduce pollution, and divert waste. Keep up to date on the City's efforts to address recycling with China's policy on waste imports and read more about the use of Roundup in City operations.

Minutes from prior meetings and agendas for future meetings may be view by visiting Culver City's Meeting Calendar.

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