Strategic Plan 2016-2021

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Strategic Plan

Please click here to view the City Council Strategic Plan for 2016-2021, which was adopted by the City Council on November 14, 2016.

Strategic Plan Overview

The City Council’s strategic planning effort represents a policy and organizational management activity that sets priorities; focuses energy and resources; enhances operations; ensures that City staff and stakeholders are working toward established goals; establishes agreement around intended outcomes/results; and measures the organization's direction to respond to Culver City’s changing environment.  It provides the context to connect identified objectives with the budget process, the Capital Improvement Plan, General Plan Update, and City Council policy concerns.  The Strategic Plan emphasizes the importance of civic engagement through Task Force participation and Community Meetings.

Strategic Planning Process and Retreat

Council Members started the Strategic Planning process by individually sharing their priorities and perspectives.  The Council Members were asked to 1) identify up to five phrases describing what they want Culver City to become in the next five years, 2) recognize the potential major obstacles to achieving success over the next five years, 3) provide up to six topics to consider for in-depth discussion with the community, and 4) describe their expectations for the upcoming Strategic Planning retreat.

For each topic, Council Members were asked to consider 1) the community’s level of interest, 2) whether the issue is a priority for other cities in Los Angeles County, and 3) if addressing the issue would generate City revenue or require City resources.

Topics identified by Council Members during this individual phase of the Strategic Planning Process are described by the following word cloud:

Strategic Plan Word Cloud

On August 29, 2016, the City Council convened a Strategic Planning Retreat to discuss these topics, with the goal of beginning to develop a new Strategic Plan for the City.  The discussion, held among all five Council Members, began with the goals of identifying 1) at least three goals for the City to accomplish in the next five years and 2) topics for in-depth discussion with the community over the next two years. The topics will also help guide the City Council and staff in the development of policies and Work Plans.  Additionally, the City Council and staff discussed incorporating of some of the Strategic Plan topics, such as affordable housing, traffic planning, and Ballona Creek, into the upcoming General Plan update.  To help advance the discussion on affordable housing, the City Council will host the Community Conversation on Affordable Housing and Related Issues on January 28, 2017.

Following the Retreat, Council Members and staff had subsequent meetings to further refine the top priorities and initiatives to develop a Strategic Plan.  The resulting 2016-2021 City Council Strategic Plan was ultimately adopted by the City Council on November 14, 2016.  The City Council has directed City staff to integrate the Strategic Plan when developing, implementing, or reviewing the delivery of public services, and in presenting requests for fiscal resources, particularly through the City Council adopted Work Plans.


The 2016-2021 Strategic Plan establishes a prioritized list of Goals and a course of action that can be implemented to move the community closer to the Goals.  Each objective, in turn, is supported by initiatives that specifically state a desired outcome.  Additionally, the Plan includes Goal Indicators that measure the progress for each of the Plan’s Goals, which will be updated regularly.  The Plan offers direction and focus on issues that are important to improving Culver City.  Although the goals of the Strategic Plan are intended to be long-term, the strategies expressed in the objectives and initiatives are intended to serve through 2021.

The City Council has identified the following six goals in the City’s Strategic Plan:

  1. Increase Civic Engagement
  2. Enhance the Restoration and Utilization of Ballona Creek
  3. Improve Transportation Circulation and Reduce Traffic Congestion
  4. Promote Workforce Diversity and Development
  5. Identify New Revenue Sources to Maintain Financial Stability
  6. Enhance Culver City’s Reputation as a City of Kindness


In order to accomplish each Goal, the Strategic Plan will result in implementing a number of objectives as shown below:

Pictogram of Strategic Plan Overview


If you have any questions about the Strategic Plan, please email Shelly Wolfberg, Assistant to the City Manager, or call her at 310-253-6000.