Frequently Asked Questions

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can I convert my garage into a room?

  • Can I have a business at my residence?

  • Do I need a permit for signage?

  • Do I need a permit to have an event on my property?

  • How high can my fence be?

  • I'm interested in opening a business, where and how can I find information about a particular space?

  • What are the parking requirements for my business or my residence?

  • What are the setbacks and development standards for my property zoned residential?

  • What is a legal non-conforming property, what does this mean to me?

  • What is the process to remodel my single family residence

  • What is the zoning designation for my property?

  • What type of permit do I need to sell alcohol at my commercial establishment?

  • Where are my property lines?

  • Why do I need a survey?